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The maximum height of grasses is determined by roots [期刊论文]Kun-Fang Cao; Shi-Jian Yang; Yong-Jiang Zhang; Tim J. Brodribb*2012
Recovery of diurnal depression of leaf hydraulic conductance in a subtropical woody bamboo species: embolism refilling by nocturnal root pressure [期刊论文]Shi-Jian Yang; Yong-Jiang Zhang; Mei Sun; Guillermo Goldstein; Kun-Fang Cao*2012
Evidence for leaf fold to remedy the deficiency of physiological photoprotection for photosystem II [期刊论文]Wei Huang; Shi-Bao Zhang; Kun-Fang Cao*2012
Hydraulic conductivity traits predict growth rates and adult stature of 40 Asian tropical tree species better than wood density [期刊论文]Ze-Xin Fan; Shi-Bao Zhang; Guang-You Hao; J.W. Ferry Slik; Kun-Fang Cao*2012
Stem hydraulic traits and leaf water-stress tolerance are co-ordinated with the leaf phenology of angiosperm trees in an Asian tropical dry karst forest [期刊论文]Pei-Li Fu; Yan-Juan Jiang; Ai-Ying Wang; Tim J. Brodribb; Jiao-Lin Zhang; Shi-Dan Zhu; Kun-Fang Cao*2012
Spatial and temporal temperature trends on the Yunnan Plateau (Southwest China) during 1961-2004 [期刊论文]Fan, ZX; Brauning, A; Thomas, A; Li, JB; Cao, KF2011
Slow photosynthetic induction and low photosynthesis in Paphiopedilum armeniacum are related to its lack of guard cell chloroplast and peculiar stomatal anatomy [期刊论文]Zhang, SB; Guan, ZJ; Chang, W; Hu, H; Yin, Q; Cao, KF2011
Differentiation in light energy dissipation between hemiepiphytic and non-hemiepiphytic Ficus species with contrasting xylem hydraulic conductivity [期刊论文]Guang-You Hao; Ai-Ying Wang; Zhi-Hui Liu; Augusto C. Franco; Guillermo Goldstein; Kun-Fang Cao*; Robert Pearcy2011
Ecology of hemiepiphytism in fig species is based on evolutionary correlation of hydraulics and carbon economy [期刊论文]Hao, GY; Goldstein, G; Sack, L; Holbrook, NM; Liu, ZH; Wang, AY; Harrison, RD; Su, ZH; Cao, KF2011
Spatial patterns of wood traits in China are controlled by phylogeny and the environment [期刊论文]Shi-Bao Zhang; J. W. Ferry Slik; Jiao-Lin Zhang; Kun-Fang Cao*2011
云南元江干热河谷区植被梯度下土壤真菌群落研究 [期刊论文]易子月; 石玲玲; 陈安潜; 曹坤芳; 邹晓明2011
Gas exchange and hydraulics in seedlings of Hevea brasiliensis during water stress and recoveryGas exchange and hydraulics in seedlings of Hevea brasiliensis during water stress and recovery [期刊论文]JUN-WEN CHEN; QIANG ZHANG; XIAO-SHUANG LI; KUN-FANG CAO2010
哀牢山和猫儿山中山常绿和落叶阔叶树光合特性对季节温度变化的响应 [期刊论文]白坤栋; 蒋得斌; 曹坤芳; 万贤崇; 廖德宝2010
Plant ecology in China [期刊论文]Enright, NJ; Cao, KF2010
Tree ring recorded May-August temperature variations since AD 1585 in the Gaoligong Mountains, southeastern Tibetan Plateau [期刊论文]Ze-Xin Fan; Achim Bräuning; Qin-Hua Tian; Bao Yang; Kun-Fang Cao2010
Stimulation of Cyclic Electron Flow During Recovery After Chilling-Induced Photoinhibition of PSII [期刊论文]Wei Huang; Shi-Bao Zhang; Kun-Fang Cao*2010
突发气象灾害的生态效应: 2008年中国南方特大冰雪灾害对森林生态系统的破坏 [期刊论文]曹坤芳; 常杰2010
Contrasting cost-benefit strategy between lianas and trees in a tropical seasonal rain forest in southwestern China [期刊论文]Zhu, SD; Cao, KF *2010
Differentiation of leaf water flux and drought tolerance traits in hemiepiphytic and non-hemiepiphytic Ficus tree species [期刊论文]Hao, GY; Sack, L; Wang, AY; Cao, KF *; Goldstein, G2010
Epiphytes and hemiepiphytes have slower photosynthetic response to lightflecks than terrestrial plants: evidence from ferns and figs [期刊论文]Zhang, Q; Chen, JW; Li, BG; Cao, KF2009


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