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Differential foraging preferences on seed size by rodents result in higher dispersal success of medium-sized seeds [期刊论文]Lin Cao; Zhenyu Wang; Chuan Yan; Jin Chen; Cong Guo; Zhibin Zhang2016
Dissecting the decision making process of scatter-hoarding rodents [期刊论文]Bo Wang; Cheng-Xi Ye; Charles H. Cannon; Jin Chen2013
A proposal for expanding capacity for conservation science education in the tropical Asia-Pacific region [期刊论文]Charles H. Cannon*; Rhett Harrison; Lan Qie; J.W. Ferry Slik; Jin Chen2012
Effects of Fat and Protein Levels on Foraging Preferences of Tannin in Scatter-Hoarding Rodents [期刊论文]Wang, B; Chen, J2012
西双版纳傣族对生物多样性保护的态度 [期刊论文]刘光裕; 陈进2012
Scatter-hoarding rodents use different foraging strategies for seeds from different plant species [期刊论文]Bo Wang; Gang Wang; Jin Chen2012
Averting biodiversity collapse in tropical forest protected areas [期刊论文]William F. Laurance; al.; Charles H. Cannon; Min Cao; ...; Chen Jin; et al.2012
Educational and enjoyment benefits of visitor education centers at botanical gardens [期刊论文]He He; Jin Chen*2012
Spatial and temporal effects on seed dispersal and seed predation of Musa acuminata in southern Yunnan, China [期刊论文]Meng, LZ; Gao, XX; Chen, J; Martin, K2012
Interspecific variationin compensatory regrowth to herbivory associated with soil nutrients in three Ficus (Moraceae) saplings [期刊论文]Zhao J; Chen J*2012
亚洲热带雨林两种鸟类媒介互利系统的比较 [期刊论文]Sawat SAN ITJAN; 王博; 陈进2011
Photosynthesis, growth and foliar herbivory of four Ardisia species (Myrsinaceae) [期刊论文]Zhao Jin; Chen Jin*2011
Phylogeny and Evolution of Bracts and Bracteoles in Tacca (Dioscoreaceae) [期刊论文]Ling Zhang; Hong-Tao Li; Lian-Ming Gao; Jun-Bo Yang; De-Zhu Li; Charles H. Cannon; Jin Chen; Qing-Jun Li2011
Scatter-hoarding rodents as secondary seed dispersers of a frugivore-dispersed tree Scleropyrum wallichianum in a defaunated Xishuangbanna tropical forest, China [期刊论文]Lin CAO; Zhishu XIAO; Cong GUO*; Jin CHEN2011
中国植物园游客游览动机及满意度调查 [期刊论文]贺赫; 陈进2011
Dispersal syndrome differentiation of Pinus armandii in Southwest China: Key elements of a potential selection mosaic [期刊论文]Chen Fan; Chen Jin*2011
Scatter-Hoarding Rodents Prefer Slightly Astringent Food [期刊论文]Wang Bo; Chen Jin*2011
High regeneration capacity helps tropical seeds to counter rodent predation [期刊论文]Lin Cao; Zhishu Xiao; Zhenyu Wang; Cong Guo; Jin Chen; Zhibin Zhang*2011
Young leaf protection in the shrub Leea glabra in south-west China: the role of extrafloral nectaries and ants [期刊论文]Ling-Zeng Meng*; Konrad Martin; Jing-Xin Liu; Jin Chen2011
华山松种子大小对啮齿动物贮藏行为的影响及其时空变化 [期刊论文]陈 帆; 陈 进2011


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