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WRKY8 transcription factor functions in the TMV-cg defense response by mediating both abscisic acid and ethylene signaling in Arabidopsis [期刊论文]Ligang Chen; Liping Zhang; Daibo Li; Fang Wang; Diqiu Yu2013
Arabidopsis WRKY46 coordinates with WRKY70 and WRKY53 in basal resistance against pathogen Pseudomonas syringae [期刊论文]Yanru Hu; Qiuyan Dong; Diqiu Yu∗2012
Nomenclature report on rice WRKY's - Conflict regarding gene names and its solution [期刊论文]Shen, QXJ; Yu, DQ; ...; et al2012
The T3S effector XopXccN of Xanthomonas campestris pv. campestris is involved in plant defense through interference with photosystems, reactive oxygen species (ROS) generation, and callose deposition [期刊论文]Jiang, GF; Jiang, BL; Chen, LG Liu, S; Wei, HY; Cen, WJ; Hang, XH; Wen, ZZ; Tang, DJ; Lu, GT; He, YQ; Yu, DQ; Tang, JL2012
The role of WRKY transcription factors in plant abiotic stresses [期刊论文]Chen, LG; Song, Y; Li, SJ; Zhang, LP; Zou, CS; Yu, DQ*2012
A new strategy for construction of artificial miRNA vectors in Arabidopsis [期刊论文]Liang, G; He, H; Li, Y; Yu, DQ*2012
WRKY22 transcription factor mediates dark-induced leaf senescence in Arabidopsis [期刊论文]Xiang Zhou; Yanjuan Jiang; Diqiu Yu*2011
WRKY25 过量表达导致拟南芥在长光照下开花提前 [期刊论文]王芳秀; 黎舒佳; 余迪求2011
Arabidopsis thaliana WRKY25, WRKY26, and WRKY33 coordinate induction of plant thermotolerance [期刊论文]Li, SJ; Fu, QT; Chen, LG; Huang, WD; Yu, DQ*2011
Overexpression of OsWRKY72 gene interferes in the abscisic acid signal and auxin transport pathway of Arabidopsis [期刊论文]Song, Y; Chen, LG; Zhang, LP; Yu, DQ*2010
Characterization and Expression Analysis of Four Glycine-Rich RNA-Binding Proteins Involved in Osmotic Response in Tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum cv. Xanthi) [期刊论文]Xuan CHEN; Qian-chun ZENG; Xiu-ping LU; Di-qiu YU*; Wen-zheng LI2010
B-氨基丁酸对拟南芥叶片花色素苷的影响 [期刊论文]杜 艳; 余迪求2010
Identification of an Arabidopsis Nodulin-related protein in heat stress [期刊论文]Qiantang Fu; Shujia Li; Diqiu Yu*2010
APETALA1 突变影响WRKY 基因的基础表达 [期刊论文]张利平; 余迪求2010
Tobacco transcription factor WRKY4 is a modulator of leaf development and disease resistance [期刊论文]X.-J. REN; W.-D. HUANG; W.-Z. LI; D.-Q. YU*2010
MicroRNA395 mediates regulation of sulfate accumulation and allocation in Arabidopsis thaliana [期刊论文]Gang Liang; Fengxi Yang; Diqiu Yu*2010
Functional characterization of Arabidopsis thaliana WRKY39 in heat stress [期刊论文]Shujia Li; Xiang Zhou; Ligang Chen; Weidong Huang*; Diqiu Yu*2010
拟南芥AtWRKY25、AtWRKY26 和AtWRKY33 在非生物胁迫条件下的表达分析 [期刊论文]付乾堂; 余迪求2010
Male gametophyte-specific WRKY34 transcription factor mediates cold sensitivity of mature pollen in Arabidopsis [期刊论文]Changsong Zou; Wenbo Jiang; Diqiu Yu*2010
Wounding-Induced WRKY8 Is Involved in Basal Defense in Arabidopsis [期刊论文]Chen, LG; Zhang, LP; Yu, DQ*2010


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