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中甸灯台报春与鹅黄灯台报春的系统演化 [期刊论文]张华杰; 李庆军2017
Evolutionary diversification of alpine ginger reflects the early uplift of the Himalayan-Tibetan Plateau and rapid extrusion of Indochina [期刊论文]Zhao, Jian-Li; Xia, Yong-Mei; Cannon, Charles H.; Kress, W. John; Li, Qing-Jun2016
Environmental versus geographical effects on genomic variation in wild soybean (Glycine soja) across its native range in northeast Asia [期刊论文]Leamy, Larry J.; ...; Luo, Yan; et al2016
Genome-wide analysis of gene expression reveals gene regulatory networks that regulate chasmogamous and cleistogamous flowering in Pseudostellaria heterophylla (Caryophyllaceae) [期刊论文]Luo, Yan; Hu, Jin-Yong; Li, Lu; et al2016
Late pleistocene climate change promoted divergence between Picea asperata and P. crassifolia on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau through recent bottlenecks [期刊论文]Bi, Hao; ....; Sun, Yongshuai2016
Ecological divergence of two closely related Roscoea species associated with late Quaternary climate change [期刊论文]Zhao, Jian-Li; Gugger, Paul F.; Xia, Yong-Mei; Li, Qing-Jun2016
Associative Mechanisms Allow for Social Learning and Cultural Transmission of String Pulling in an Insect [期刊论文]Alem, Sylvain; Perry, Clint J.; Zhu, Xingfu; et al2016
Recruitment of saplings in active tea plantations of the Nilgiri Mountains: Implications for restoration ecology [期刊论文]Mohandass, D.; Chhabra, Tarun; Pannu, Ramneek Singh; Beng, Kingsly Chuo2016
Tail-like anther crest aids pollination by manipulating pollinator's behaviour in a wild ginger [期刊论文]Fan, Yong-Li; Li, Qing-Jun2016
Coevolutionary elaboration of pollination-related traits in an alpine ginger (Roscoea purpurea) and a tabanid fly in the Nepalese Himalayas [期刊论文]Paudel, Babu Ram; Shrestha, Mani; Burd, Martin; Sun, Yong-Shuai; Li, Qing-Jun2016
Asymmetrical disassortative pollination in a distylous primrose: the complementary roles of bumblebee nectar robbers and syrphid flies [期刊论文]Zhu, XF; Jiang, XF; Li, L; Zhang, ZQ; Li, QJ2015
Influence of disturbance regime on liana species composition, density and basal area in the tropical montane evergreen forests (sholas) of the Western Ghats, India [期刊论文]Mohandass, D; Davidar, P; Somasundaram, S; Vijayan, L; Beng, KC2015
A New Secondary Pollen Presentation Mechanism from a Wild Ginger (Zingiber densissimum) and Its Functional Roles in Pollination Process [期刊论文]Yong-Li Fan; W. John Kress; Qing-Jun Li2015
Increasing temperature causes flowering onset time changes of alpine ginger Roscoea in the Central Himalayas [期刊论文]Dharmalingam Mohandass; Jian-Li Zhao; Yong-Mei Xia; Mason J. Campbell; Qing-Jun Li2015
Out of Africa: evidence of the obligate mutualism between long corolla tubed plant and long-tongued fly in the Himalayas [期刊论文]Babu Ram Paudel; Mani Shrestha; Adrian G. Dyer; Xing-Fu Zhu; Aysajan Abdusalam, et al.2015
红豆蔻专性异交主导下的主动自交机制(英文) [期刊论文]崔煜文; 李庆军2015
Floral sex allocation and reproductive success within inflorescences of Hosta ventricosa, a pseudogamous apomict [期刊论文]Cao, Guo-Xing; Xie, Ting; Wu, Bi-Xian; Yang, Chun-Ping2015
Size-dependent gender modification in Lilium apertum (Liliaceae): does this species exhibit gender diphasy? [期刊论文]Zhang, ZQ; Zhu, XF; Sun, H; Yang, YP; Barrett, SCH2014
Phenotypic selection on the staminal lever mechanism in Salvia digitaloides (Labiaceae) [期刊论文]Zhang, Bo; Li, Qing-Jun2014
Evolutionary conservation of microRNA regulatory programs in plant flower development [期刊论文]Yan Luo; Zhenhua Guo; Lu Li2013


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