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Variation in forest soil fungal diversity along a latitudinal gradient [期刊论文]Shi, Ling-Ling; Mortimer, Peter E.; Slik, J. W. Ferry; et al2014
Topography related habitat associations of tree species traits, composition and diversity in a Chinese tropical forest [期刊论文]Liu, J; Tan, YH; Slik, JWF2014
The influence of tectonics, sea-level changes and dispersal on migration and diversification of Isonandreae (Sapotaceae) [期刊论文]Richardson, James E; ...; Slik, Ferry; et al2014
Forest fragment spatial distribution matters for tropical tree conservation [期刊论文]Liu, JJ; Slik, JWF2014
Consequences of defaunation for a tropical tree community [期刊论文]Rhett D Harrison; Sylvester Tan; Joshua B. Plotkin; Ferry Slik; Matteo Detto, et al.2013
Global legume diversity assessment: Concepts, key indicators, and strategies [期刊论文]Tetsukazu, Yahara; Firouzeh, Javadi; Yusuke, Onoda; Queiroz Luciano Paganucci, de; Daniel, Faith P., et al.2013
Delayed colonisation of Acacia by thrips and the timing of host-conservatism and behavioural specialisation [期刊论文]Michael J McLeish; Joseph T Miller; Laurence A Mound2013
Seed and Germination Characteristics of 20 Amazonian Liana Species [期刊论文]Mareike Roeder; Isolde D. K. Ferraz; Dirk Hölscher2013
Change in Phylogenetic Community Structure during Succession of Traditionally Managed Tropical Rainforest in Southwest China [期刊论文]Xiao-Xue Mo; Ling-Ling Shi; Yong-Jiang Zhang; Hua Zhu; J. W. Ferry Slik*2013
Host-Plant Species Conservatism and Ecology of a Parasitoid Fig Wasp Genus (Chalcidoidea; Sycoryctinae; Arachonia) [期刊论文]McLeish MJ; Beukman G; van Noort S; Wossler TC2012
Traits and growth of liana regeneration in primary and secondary forests of Central Amazonia [期刊论文]Mareike Roeder; Dirk Ho¨ lscher; Isolde D. Kossmann-Ferraz2012
Using species distribution modeling to improve conservation and land use planning of Yunnan, China [期刊论文]Zhang, MG; Zhou, ZK; Chen, WY; Silk, JWF; Cannon, CH, et al.2012
Human and environmental influence on plant diversity and composition in Ben En National Park, Vietnam [期刊论文]Hoang Van; S., P. Baas; P.J.A. Keßler; J.W.F. Slik; H. ter Steege, et al.2011
Wallace’s Line and plant distributions: two or three phytogeographical areas and where to group Java [期刊论文]Welzen, P.C. van; J.A.N. Parnell; J.W.F. Slik2011
Limited edge effects along a burned-unburned Bornean forest boundary seven years after disturbance [期刊论文]J. W. Ferry Slik; Marloes van Beek; Caroline Bernard; Frans Bongers; Floris C. Breman, et al.2011
Soils on exposed Sunda Shelf shaped biogeographic patterns in Southeast Asia's equatorial forests [期刊论文]Slik, J.W.F.; S.I. Aiba; M. Bastian; F.Q. Brearley; C.H. Cannon, et al.2011
Comparative chloroplast DNA phylogeography of two tropical pioneer trees, Macaranga gigantea and Macaranga pearsonii (Euphorbiaceae [期刊论文]Guicking, D.; B. Fiala; F.R. Blattner; J.W.F. Slik; M. Mohamed, et al.2011
Traditional forest management has limited impact on plant diversity and composition in a tropical seasonal rainforest in SW China [期刊论文]Xiao-Xue Mo*; Hua Zhu; Yong-Jiang Zhang; J.W. Ferry Slik; Jing-Xin Liu2011
Biodiversity in burned concession areas [期刊论文]Slik, J.W.F.2010
Drought mortality relationhips for tropical forests [期刊论文]Phillips O.L.; G. van der Heijden; G. Lopez-Gonzalez; L.E.O.C Aragao; S.L. Lewis, et al.2010


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