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The Tropical Forests of Southern China and Conservation of Biodiversity [期刊论文]Zhu, Hua2017
壳斗科原始植物轮叶三棱栎在云南西双版纳的发现及其生物地理意义 [期刊论文]朱华; 周仕顺2017
OMI satellite observed formaldehyde column from 2006 to 2015 over Xishuangbanna, southwest China, and validation using ground based zenith-sky DOAS [期刊论文]Liu, Rui; Feng, Tao; Wang, Shanshan; Deng, Yun; et al2017
Polyalthia yingjiangensis sp nov (Annonaceae) from the China/Myanmar border [期刊论文]Xue, Bine; Ye, De-Ping; Shao, Yun-Yun; Tan, Yun-Hong2017
中国南部热带植物区系 [期刊论文]朱华2017
Seed germination in relation to the invasiveness in spiny amaranth and edible amaranth in Xishuangbanna, SW China [期刊论文]Ye, Juan; Wen, Bin2017
Reinwardtia glandulifera (Linaceae), a new species from Kachin State, northern Myanmar [期刊论文]BIN YANG; SHI-SHUN ZHOU; KYAW WIN MAUNG; YUN-HONG TAN2017
中国瓜馥木属(番荔枝科)一新记录种 [期刊论文]谭运洪; 陈雨晴; 薛彬娥2017
Phylogenetics of subtribe Orchidinae s.l. (Orchidaceae; Orchidoideae) based on seven markers (plastid matK, psaB, rbcL, trnL-F, trnH-psba, and nuclear nrITS, Xdh): implications for generic delimitation [期刊论文]Jin, Wei-Tao; Schuiteman, Andre; Chase, Mark W.; Li, Jian-Wu; Chung, Shih-Wen, et al.2017
广西5种被子植物分布新记录 [期刊论文]岑华飞; 谭运洪; 韦毅刚; 温放2017
A Biogeographical Comparison Between Yunnan, Southwest China, and Taiwan, Southeast China, with Implications for the Evolutionary History of the East Asian Flora [期刊论文]Zhu Hua2016
A large-scale chloroplast phylogeny of the Lamiaceae sheds new light on its subfamilial classification [期刊论文]Li, Bo; ...; Tan, Yun-Hong; et al2016
西双版纳外来入侵植物及其共存种叶片氮、磷化学计量特征 [期刊论文]胡朝臣; 刘学炎; 类延宝; 谭运洪; 张鹏, 等.2016
云南中山湿性常绿阔叶林起源的探讨 [期刊论文]朱华2016
Reactive oxygen species induced by cold stratification promote germination of Hedysarum scoparium seeds [期刊论文]Liqiang Su; Qinying Lan; et al2016
New synonyms for Premna yunnanensis (Lamiaceae) in China [期刊论文]YUNHONG TAN; YONGJUN CHEN; BO LI2016
Lineage-Specific Reductions of Plastid Genomes in an Orchid Tribe with Partially and Fully Mycoheterotrophic Species [期刊论文]Feng, Yan-Lei; Wicke, Susann; Li, Jian-Wu; et al2016
热带雨林林内小生境对木奶果和染木种子萌发与幼苗存活的影响 [期刊论文]刘明航; 叶娟; 文彬2016
A phylogenetic analysis of molecular and morphological characters of Herminium (Orchidaceae, Orchideae): evolutionary relationships, taxonomy, and patterns of character evolution [期刊论文]Raskoti, Bhakta Bahadur; ...; Li, Jian-Wu; et al2016
Biogeographical Evidences Help Revealing the Origin of Hainan Island [期刊论文]Zhu, Hua2016


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