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Species composition, functional and phylogenetic distances correlate with success of invasive Chromolaena odorata in an experimental test [期刊论文]Zheng, Yu-Long; Burns, Jean H.; Liao, Zhi-Yong; Li, Yang-ping; Yang, Jie, et al.2018
Nocturnal transpiration in 18 broadleaf timber species under a tropical seasonal climate [期刊论文]Siddiq, Zafar; Cao, Kun-Fang2018
Variations in light energy dissipation in Woodfordia fruticosa leaves during expansion [期刊论文]Zhang, S. -B.; Zhang, J. -L.2017
Speed versus endurance tradeoff in plants: Leaves with higher photosynthetic rates show stronger seasonal declines [期刊论文]Zhang, Yong-Jiang; Sack, Lawren; Cao, Kun-Fang2017
Stable stomatal number per minor vein length indicates the coordination between leaf water supply and demand in three leguminous species [期刊论文]Zhao, Wan-Li; Siddiq, Zafar; Fu, Pei-Li; Zhang, Jiao-Lin; Cao, Kun-Fang2017
Changes in soil microbial communities due to biological invasions can reduce allelopathic effects [期刊论文]Li, Yang-Ping; Feng, Yu-Long; Kang, Zong-Li; Zheng, Yu-Long; Zhang, Jiao-Lin, et al.2017
Specific roles of cyclic electron flow around photosystem I in photosynthetic regulation in immature and mature leaves [期刊论文]Huang, Wei; Yang, Ying-Jie; Zhang, Shi-Bao2017
Response of soil bacterial communities to secondary compounds released from Eupatorium adenophorum [期刊论文]Zhu, Xunzhi; Li, Yangping; Feng, Yulong; Ma, Keping2017
More sensitive response of crown conductance to VPD and larger water consumption in tropical evergreen than in deciduous broadleaf timber trees [期刊论文]Siddiq, Zafar; Chen, Ya-Jun; Zhang, Yong-Jiang; Zhang, Jiao-Lin; Cao, Kun-Fang2017
Physiological regulation and efficient xylem water transport regulate diurnal water and carbon balances of tropical lianas [期刊论文]Chen, Ya-Jun; Schnitzer, Stefan A.; Zhang, Yong-Jiang; Fan, Ze-Xin; et al2017
西双版纳热带季雨林木质藤本多样性及其攀援方式 [期刊论文]刘奇; 吴怀栋; 谭运洪; 张教林2017
Superoxide generated in the chloroplast stroma causes photoinhibition of photosystem I in the shade-establishing tree species Psychotria henryi [期刊论文]Huang, Wei; Yang, Ying-Jie; Zhang, Jiao-Lin; et al2017
Different hydraulic traits of woody plants from tropical forests with contrasting soil water availability [期刊论文]Zhu, Shi-Dan; Chen, Ya-Jun; Fu, Pei-Li; Cao, Kun-Fang2017
High-density native-range species affects the invasive plant Chromolaena odorata more strongly than species from its invasive range [期刊论文]Zheng, Yulong; Liao, Zhiyong2017
季节性干旱对白皮乌口树(Tarenna depauperata Hutchins)水分状况、叶片光谱特征和荧光参数的影响 [期刊论文]张树斌; 张教林; 曹坤芳2016
Shade tolerance and suitability of tree species for planting in rubber plantations [期刊论文]Tian, Yaohua; Yuan, Huifang; Xie, Jiang; Zheng, Yulong2016
Evidence for the role of cyclic electron flow in photoprotection for oxygen-evolving complex [期刊论文]Huang, Wei; Yang, Ying-Jie; Hu, Hong; et al2016
Differential responses of photosystems I and II to seasonal drought in two Ficus species [期刊论文]Zhang, Shubin; Huang, Wei; Zhang, Jiaolin; Cao, Kunfang2016
Responses of Photosystem I Compared with Photosystem II to Fluctuating Light in the Shade-Establishing Tropical Tree Species Psychotria henryi [期刊论文]Huang, Wei; Yang, Ying-Jie; Hu, Hong; Zhang,Shi-Bao2016
元江干热河谷木质藤本的多样性及其与宿主树木的关系 [期刊论文]吴怀栋; 刘奇; 谭运洪; 张教林2016


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