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Dated Phylogenies of the Sister Genera Macaranga and Mallotus (Euphorbiaceae): Congruence in Historical Biogeographic Patterns? [期刊论文]van Welzen, Peter C.; Strijk, Joeri S.; et al2014
Genome-wide analysis of WRKY gene family in Arabidopsis lyrata and comparison with Arabidopsis thaliana and Populus trichocarpa [期刊论文]Song, Yu; Gao, Jie2014
High-throughput transcriptome sequencing and preliminary functional analysis in four Neotropical tree species [期刊论文]Brousseau, L; Tinaut, A; Duret, C; Lang, TG; Garnier-Gere, P, et al.2014
Increasing tree cover while losing diverse natural forests in tropical Hainan, China [期刊论文]Zhai, De-Li; Xu, Jian-Chu; Dai, Zhi-Cong; Cannon, Charles H; Grumbine, R. E.2014
Footprints of divergent selection in natural populations of Castanopsis fargesii (Fagaceae) [期刊论文]Li, C; Sun, Y; Huang, HW; Cannon, CH2014
Development of genomic resources for Nothofagus species using next-generation sequencing data [期刊论文]El Mujtar, VA; Gallo, LA; Lang, T; Garnier-Gere, P2014
Lithocarpus orbicarpus (Fagaceae), a new species of Stone Oak from Phang Nga province,Thailand [期刊论文]Strijk, JS; Sirimongkol, S; Rueangruea, S; Ritphet, N; Chamchumroon, V2014
Genome size variation in the Fagaceae and its implications for trees [期刊论文]Chen, SC; Cannon, CH; Kua, CS; Liu, JJ; Galbraith, DW2014
Protein Domain Analysis of Genomic Sequence Data Reveals Regulation of LRR Related Domains in Plant Transpiration in Ficus [期刊论文]Lang, TG; Yin, KQ; Liu, JY; Cao, KF; Cannon, CH, et al.2014
Can carbon-trading schemes help to protect China's most diverse forest ecosystems? A case study from Xishuangbanna, Yunnan [期刊论文]Zhuang-Fang Yi; Grace Wong; Charles H. Cannon; Jianchu Xu; Philip Beckschäfer, et al.2014
Lithocarpus orbicarpus (Fagaceae), a new species of Stone Oak from Phang Nga province, Thailand [期刊论文]Joeri Strijk; Sukontip Sirimongkol; Sukid Rueangruea; Nikom Ritphet; Voradol Chamchumroon2014
Timing and tempo of evolutionary diversification in a biodiversity hotspot: Primulaceae on Indian Ocean islands [期刊论文]Strijk, Joeri S.; Bone, Ruth E.; Thebaud, Christophe; et al2014
Restricted gene flow within and between rapidly diverging Neotropical plant species [期刊论文]Yann Surget-Groba; Kathleen M. Kay2013
Developing indicators of economic value and biodiversity loss for rubber plantations in Xishuangbanna, southwest China: A case study from Menglun township [期刊论文]Zhuang-Fang Yi; Charles H. Cannon; Jin Chen; Cheng-Xi Ye; Ruth D. Swetnam2013
Quantitative traits and mode of speciation in Martinique anoles [期刊论文]Roger S. Thorpe*; Yann Surget-Groba; Helena Johansson2013
Outlier loci highlight the direction of introgression in oaks [期刊论文]Guichoux, E; Garnier-Gere, P; Lagache, L; Lang, T; Boury, C, et al.2013
A likelihood framework analysis of an island radiation: phylogeography of the Lesser Antillean gecko Sphaerodactylus vincenti, in comparison with the anole Anolis roquet [期刊论文]Yann Surget-Groba; Roger S. Thorpe*2013
Molecular Evolutionary Analysis of the Alfin-Like Protein Family in Arabidopsis lyrata, Arabidopsis thaliana, and Thellungiella halophila [期刊论文]Yu Song; Jie Gao; Fengxi Yang; Chai-Shian Kua; Jingxin Liu, et al.2013
Multilocus phylogeography of the common lizard Zootoca vivipara at the Ibero-Pyrenean suture zone reveals lowland barriers and high-elevation introgression [期刊论文]作者: Mila, B (Mila, Borja; Surget-Groba, Y (Surget-Groba, Yann); et al2013
Direct Fitness Correlates and Thermal Consequences of Facultative Aggregation in a Desert Lizard [期刊论文]Rabosky, ARD; Corl, A; Liwanag, HEM; Surget-Groba, Y; Sinervo, B2012


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