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Quasi-simultaneous acquisition of nine secondary ions with seven detectors on NanoSIMS50L: application to biological samples [期刊论文]Guillermier, C.2014
Graphite-3R in a fault fracture zone associated with black jadeitite from Kanayamadani, Itoigawa, central Japan [期刊论文]Ogawara, T.2014
Responses of the coastal bacterial community to viral infection of the algae Phaeocystis globosa [期刊论文]Sheik, A. R.2014
Understanding Irregular Shell Formation of Nautilus in Aquaria: Chemical Composition and Structural Analysis [期刊论文]Moini, M.2014
Nitrogen immobilization in paddy soils as affected by redox conditions and rice straw incorporation [期刊论文]Said-Pullicino, D.2014
Metabolomics Reveal D-Alanine:D-Alanine Ligase As the Target of D-Cycloserine in Mycobacterium tuberculosis [期刊论文]Prosser, G. A.2013
Invited Review Article: Recent developments in isotope-ratio mass spectrometry for geochemistry and cosmochemistry [期刊论文]Ireland, T. R.2013
Nonspecific uptake and homeostasis drive the oceanic cadmium cycle [期刊论文]Horner, T. J.2013
A Stable-Isotope Mass Spectrometry-Based Metabolic Footprinting Approach to Analyze Exudates from Phytoplankton [期刊论文]Weber, R. J. M.2013
Determination of petitgrain oils landmark parameters by using gas chromatography-combustion-isotope ratio mass spectrometry and enantioselective multidimensional gas chromatography [期刊论文]Schipilliti, L.2013
Pathogenesis of A(-)beta(+) Ketosis-Prone Diabetes [期刊论文]Patel, S. G.2013
Origin and Fate of Organic Compounds in Water: Characterization by Compound-Specific Stable Isotope Analysis [期刊论文]Schmidt, T. C.2012
Distribution and origin of protodolomite from the late Miocene-Pliocene Red Clay Formation, Chinese Loess Plateau [期刊论文]He, T.2012
Association of delta C-13 in Fingerstick Blood with Added-Sugar and Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Intake [期刊论文]Davy, B. M.2011
Simultaneous stable isotope analysis of methane and nitrous oxide on ice core samples [期刊论文]Sapart, C. J.2011
IRMM-3100a: A new certified isotopic reference material with equal abundances of U-233, U-235, U-236 and U-238 [期刊论文]Richter, S.2011
Preparation of argon Primary Measurement Standards for the calibration of ion current ratios measured in argon [期刊论文]Valkiers, S.2010
Correction for the O-17 interference in delta(C-13) measurements when analyzing CO2 with stable isotope mass spectrometry (IUPAC Technical Report) [期刊论文]Brand, W. A.2010
Empirical equations for the temperature dependence of calcite-water oxygen isotope fractionation from 10 to 70 degrees C [期刊论文]Demeny, A.2010
Phosphogenesis in the Bonarelli Level from northwestern Sicily, Italy: petrographic evidence of microbial mediation and related REE behaviour [期刊论文]Scopelliti, G.2010


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