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Role of mechanical forces in the stomach phase on the in vitro bioaccessibility of beta-carotene [期刊论文]Verrijssen, T. A. J.2014
Dynamic auxin transport patterns preceding vein formation revealed by live-imaging of Arabidopsis leaf primordia [期刊论文]Marcos, D.2014
Fusion, rupture, and degeneration the fate of in vivo-labelled PSVs in developing barley endosperm [期刊论文]Ibl, V.2014
Suitable transfection methods for single particle tracing in plant suspension cells [期刊论文]Gohring, J.2014
Below ground plant development measured with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) exploiting the potential for non-invasive trait quantification using sugar beet as a proxy [期刊论文]Metzner, R.2014
A dual-color marker system for in vivo visualization of cell cycle progression in Arabidopsis [期刊论文]Yin, K.2014
Robust anti-oxidant defences in the rice blast fungus Magnaporthe oryzae confer tolerance to the host oxidative burst [期刊论文]Samalova, M.2014
Live-cell analysis of plant reproduction Live-cell imaging, optical manipulation, and advanced microscopy technologies [期刊论文]Kurihara, D.2013
In Vivo Intracellular pH Measurements in Tobacco and Arabidopsis Reveal an Unexpected pH Gradient in the Endomembrane System [期刊论文]Martiniere, A.2013
Perspectives for using genetically encoded fluorescent biosensors in plants [期刊论文]Gjetting, S. K.2013
Quantification of Forster resonance energy transfer by monitoring sensitized emission in living plant cells [期刊论文]Mueller, S.2013
In vivo biochemistry applications for small molecule biosensors in plant biology [期刊论文]Jones, A. M.2013
Plant phenomics and high-throughput phenotyping accelerating rice functional genomics using multidisciplinary technologies [期刊论文]Yang, W. N.2013
The missing link do cortical microtubules define plasma membrane nanodomains that modulate cellulose biosynthesis? [期刊论文]Fujita, M.2012
Spectro-Microscopy of Living Plant Cells [期刊论文]Harter, K.2012
Redox-sensitive GFP2 use of the genetically encoded biosensor of the redox status in the filamentous fungus Botrytis cinerea [期刊论文]Heller, J.2012
LOV to BLUF Flavoprotein Contributions to the Optogenetic Toolkit [期刊论文]Christie, J. M.2012
Two-photon excitation chlorophyll fluorescence lifetime imaging a rapid and noninvasive method for in vivo assessment of cadmium toxicity in a marine diatom Thalassiosira weissflogii [期刊论文]Zeng, Y.2012
The pathway of cell dismantling during programmed cell death in lace plant (Aponogeton madagascariensis) leaves [期刊论文]Wertman, J.2012
Colonization of Tomato Seedlings by Bioluminescent Clavibacter michiganensis subsp michiganensis Under Different Humidity Regimes [期刊论文]Xu, X. L.2012


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