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Contrasting precipitation seasonality influences evapotranspiration dynamics in water-limited shrublands [期刊论文]Villarreal, Samuel; Vargas, Rodrigo; Yepez, Enrico A.; Acosta, Jose S.; Castro, Angel, et al.2016
Evapotranspiration of rubber (Hevea brasiliensis) cultivated at two plantation sites in Southeast Asia [期刊论文]Giambelluca, Thomas W.; Mudd, Ryan G.; Liu, Wen; Ziegler, Alan D.; Kobayashi, Nakako, et al.2016
A multi-proxy reconstruction of spatial and temporal variations in Asian summer temperatures over the last millennium [期刊论文]Shi, Feng; Ge, Quansheng; Yang, Bao; Li, Jianping; Yang, Fengmei, et al.2015
Phylogenetic clustering increases with succession for lianas in a Chinese tropical montane rain forest [期刊论文]Roeder, Mareike; McLeish, Michael; Beckschaefer, Philip; de Blecourt, Marleen; Paudel, Ekananda, et al.2015
The next generation of action ecology: novel approaches towards global ecological research [期刊论文]White, Rachel L.; Sutton, Alexandra E.; Salguero-Gomez, Roberto; Bray, Timothy C.; Campbell, Heather, et al.2015
Termites amplify the effects of wood traits on decomposition rates among multiple bamboo and dicot woody species [期刊论文]Liu, Guofang; Cornwell, William K.; Cao, Kunfang; Hu, Yukun; Van Logtestijn, Richardus S. P., et al.2015
Does mixed-species flocking influence how birds respond to a gradient of land-use intensity? [期刊论文]Mammides, Christos; Chen, Jin; Goodale, Uromi Manage; Kotagama, Sarath Wimalabandara; Sidhu, Swati, et al.2015
A new species of the pseudoscorpion genus Megachernes (Pseudoscorpiones: Chernetidae) associated with a threatened Sri Lankan rainforest rodent, with a review of host associations of Megachernes [期刊论文]Harvey, Mark S.; Ratnaweera, Pamoda B.; Udagama, Preethi V.; Wijesinghe, Mayuri R.2012
Effects of Natural Enemy Biodiversity on the Suppression of Arthropod Herbivores in Terrestrial Ecosystems [期刊论文]Letourneau, Deborah K.; Jedlicka, Julie A.; Bothwell, Sara G.; Moreno, Carlo R.2009
Vascular epiphytes in the temperate zones - a review [期刊论文]Zotz, G2005

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