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Large trees drive forest aboveground biomass variation in moist lowland forests across the tropics [期刊论文]Slik, J. W. Ferry; et al2013
Assessing the Effect of Litter Species on the Dynamic of Bacterial and Fungal Communities during Leaf Decomposition in Microcosm by Molecular Techniques [期刊论文]Wenjing Xu; Lingling Shi; Onchim Chan; Jiao Li; Peter Casper, et al.2013
Developing a spatially-explicit, sustainable and risk-based insurance scheme to mitigate human–wildlife conflict [期刊论文]Shu Chen; Zhuang-Fang Yi; ...; et al2013
Pseudo-Sanger sequencing: massively parallel production of long and near error-free reads using NGS technology [期刊论文]Ruan, J; ...; Cannon, CH2013
Relative importance of habitat use, range expansion, and speciation in local species diversity of Anolis lizards in Cuba [期刊论文]Antonio Cádiz; Nobuaki Nagata; Masatoshi Katabuchi; Luis M. Díaz; Lázaro M. Echenique-Díaz, et al.2013
Multilevel statistical models and the analysis of experimental data [期刊论文]Jocelyn E. Behm; Devin A. Edmonds; Jason P. Harmon; Anthony R. Ives2013
云南高黎贡山中山湿性常绿阔叶林的群落特征 [期刊论文]孟广涛; 柴勇; 袁春明; 艾怀森; 李贵祥, 等.2013
What controls the variability of wood-decay rates [期刊论文]Weijie Liu; Douglas Schaefer; Lu Qiao; Xianbin Liu2013
Bacterial Diversity in the Mountains of South-West China: Climate Dominates Over Soil Parameters [期刊论文]Singh, Dharmesh; Shi, Lingling; Adams, Jonathan M.)2013
Differences in Competitive Ability between Plants from Nonnative and Native Populations of a Tropical Invader Relates to Adaptive Responses in Abiotic and Biotic Environments [期刊论文]Liao, Zhi-Yong; Zhang, Ru; Barclay, Gregor F.; Feng, Yu-Long2013

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