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西双版纳热带季节雨林中的板根及其对凋落物分解的影响 [学位论文]何智媛2013-5
色谱质谱联用仪概述 [演示报告]唐霆2013-3-14
同位素质谱应用 [演示报告]付昀2013-3-14
分子生物学仪器介绍及应用 [演示报告]杨君2013-3-14
EAT1 promotes tapetal cell death by regulating aspartic proteases during male reproductive development in rice [期刊论文]Ningning Niu; Wanqi Liang; Xijia Yang; Weilin Jin; Zoe A. Wilson, et al.2013
Frugivory and seed dispersal by Tropidurustorquatus (Squamata:Tropiduridae) in southern Brazil [期刊论文]Pietczak, Carolina; de Arruda, Jeferson Luis Steindorff; Cechin, Sonia Zanini2013
The Miocene elevation of Mount Everest [期刊论文]Aude Gébelin; et al2013
Phylogeny and Biogeography of Dendropanax (Araliaceae), an Amphi-Pacific Disjunct Genus between Tropical/Subtropical Asia and the Neotropics [期刊论文]Rong Li; Jun Wen2013
The Environment, Not Space, Dominantly Structures the Landscape Patterns of the Richness and Composition of the Tropical Understory Vegetation [期刊论文]Hu Yue-Hua; et al2013
Large trees drive forest aboveground biomass variation in moist lowland forests across the tropics [期刊论文]Slik, J. W. Ferry; et al2013

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