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Developing a spatially-explicit, sustainable and risk-based insurance scheme to mitigate human–wildlife conflict [期刊论文]Shu Chen; Zhuang-Fang Yi; ...; et al2013
Examination of total mercury inputs by precipitation and litterfall in a remote upland forest of Southwestern China [期刊论文]Jun Zhou; Xinbin Feng; ...; Yiping Zhang2013
Temperature and precipitation control of the spatial variation of terrestrial ecosystem carbon exchange in the Asian region [期刊论文]Zhi Chen; Guirui Yu; ...; Yiping Zhang; ..., et al.2013
Seasonal and inter-annual variations in net ecosystem exchange of two old-growth forests in southern China [期刊论文]Junhua Yan; Yiping Zhang; Guirui Yu; Guoyi Zhou; Leiming Zhang, et al.2013
Antioxidant capacity, total phenolics and nutritional content in selected ethiopian staple food ingredients [期刊论文]Sirawdink Fikreyesus Forsido2013
Nutritional and antioxidant properties of wild edible plants and their use as potential ingredients in the modern diet [期刊论文]Ana Romojaro; el al2013
拟南芥WRKY68转录调控因子的表达谱分析 [期刊论文]王学兰; 林良斌; 余迪求2013
亚热带森林乔木树种DNA条形码研究——以哀牢山自然保护区为例 [期刊论文]卢孟孟; 慈秀芹; 杨国平; 李捷2013
兰科植物种子及圆球茎的超低温保存研究进展 [期刊论文]姚 昕; 兰芹英; 李枝林2013
Rapid Adaptation to Climate Facilitates Range Expansion of an Invasive Plant [期刊论文]Robert I. Colautti; Spencer C. H. Barrett2013

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