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A Kinetic Study on Acid Hydrolysis of Oil Palm Empty Fruit Bunch Fibers Using a Microwave Reactor System [期刊论文]Chin, Siew Xian; Chia, Chin Hua; Fang, Zhen; et al2014
The role of functional traits and individual variation in the co-occurrence of Ficus species [期刊论文]Lasky, Jesse R.; Yang, Jie; Zhang, Guocheng; Cao, Min; et al2014
Soil fungi rather than bacteria were modified by invasive plants, and that benefited invasive plant growth [期刊论文]Xiao, Hai Feng; Feng, Yu Long; Schaefer, Douglas A.; et al2014
Why acquiesce? Worker reproductive parasitism in the Eastern honeybee (Apis cerana) [期刊论文]Holmes, M. J.; Tan, K.; Wang, Z.; et al2014
Effect of queen excluders on ovary activation in workers of the Eastern honeybee Apis cerana [期刊论文]Holmes, M. J.; Tan, K.; Wang, Z.; et al2014
Relative roles of local disturbance, current climate and paleoclimate in determining phylogenetic and functional diversity in Chinese forests [期刊论文]Feng, G.; Mi, X. C.; Bocher, P. K.; Mao, L. F.; Sandel, B., et al.2014
Elevated Levels of MYB30 in the Phloem Accelerate Flowering in Arabidopsis through the Regulation of FLOWERING LOCUS T [期刊论文]Liu, Liangyu; Zhang, Jian; Adrian, Jessika; Yu, Diqiu; et al2014
Response of surface air temperature to small-scale land clearing across latitudes [期刊论文]Zhang, Mi; Lee, Xuhui; Yu, Guirui; ...; Zhang, Yiping, et al.2014
Under Cover at Pre-Angiosperm Times: A Cloaked Phasmatodean Insect from the Early Cretaceous Jehol Biota [期刊论文]Wang, Maomin; ...; Jacques, Frederic M. B.; et al2014
Short-Term Effect of Nutrient Availability and Rainfall Distribution on Biomass Production and Leaf Nutrient Content of Savanna Tree Species [期刊论文]Barbosa, Eduardo R. M.; Tomlinson, Kyle W.; et al2014

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