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江苏铁角蕨的系统位置和多倍体起源 [期刊论文]常艳芬; 李捷; 陆树刚; Harald Schneider2014
Begonia wui-senioris (sect. Platycentrum, Begoniaceae), a new species from Myanmar [期刊论文]Peng, Ching-I; Wang, Hong; et al2014
Phylogenetics of Tribe Collabieae (Orchidaceae, Epidendroideae) Based on Four Chloroplast Genes with Morphological Appraisal [期刊论文]Xiao-Guo Xiang; Wei-Tao Jin; De-Zhu Li; André Schuiteman; Wei-Chang Huang, et al.2014
Reassessing the taxonomic status of two enigmatic Desmos species (Annonaceae): Morphological and molecular phylogenetic support for a new genus, Wangia [期刊论文]Guo, X; ...; TanYunhong; ...; et al2014
老挝植物一新记录属——泽薹草属(泽泻科)(英文) [期刊论文]周卓; ONEVILAY Souliya; 邓涛; 谭运洪; 孙航2014
棒叶落地生根对干旱与复水的生理响应 [期刊论文]罗银玲; 毕廷菊; 苏志龙; 崔现亮; 兰芹英2014
云南省兰科植物新记录 [期刊论文]谭运洪; 李剑武; 刘强; 文彬; 殷建涛2014
中国凤仙花属(凤仙花科)一新记录种——高大凤仙花 [期刊论文]谭运洪; 李建武; 殷建涛; 刘强; 周仕顺, 等.2014
Two new species of the proceratiine ant genus Discothyrea Roger from Yunnan, China, with a key to the known Oriental species [期刊论文]Xu, ZH; Burwell, CJ; Nakamura, A2014
Induced and natural variation of promoter length modulates the photoperiodic response of FLOWERING LOCUS T [期刊论文]Liu, LY; Adrian, J; Pankin, A; Hu, JY; Dong, X, et al.2014

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