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新生代大气二氧化碳浓度重建—来自水杉化石的证据 [学位论文]王雨晴2015-5
用萌发率评估西双版纳地区食果鸟对种子散布的影响 [学位论文]史婷婷2015-5
生物炭应用对橡胶林土壤性质及橡胶幼苗生长的影响 [学位论文]潘丽冰2015-5
西双版纳地区橡胶林时空演变与地上生物量碳储量分布格局 [学位论文]梅岑岑2015-5
施肥对不同品种小粒咖啡幼龄期生长、抗旱性及光合特性的影响 [学位论文]张珍贤2015-5
两种羊蹄甲属植物的繁殖生态学研究 [学位论文]王梦琳2015-5
Preparation and application of binary acid-base CaO-La2O3 catalyst for biodiesel production [期刊论文]Lee, H. V.2015
Effect of different percentages of biodiesel-diesel blends on injection, spray, combustion, performance, and emission characteristics of a diesel engine [期刊论文]Lahane, S.2015
Bioconversion of Jatropha curcas seed cake to hydrogen by a strain of Enterobacter aerogenes [期刊论文]Lopes, S. L.2015
Discrimination of the type of biodiesel/diesel blend (B5) using mid-infrared spectroscopy and PLS-DA [期刊论文]Mazivila, S.2015

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