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Consequences of defaunation for a tropical tree community [期刊论文]Rhett D Harrison; Sylvester Tan; Joshua B. Plotkin; Ferry Slik; Matteo Detto, et al.2013
Influences of harvesting on genetic diversity and population structure of Anemone altaica (Ranunculaceae), a traditional Chinese medicinal herb [期刊论文]Wei Xu; Weirong Bai; Guangjun Wen; Huyin Huai; Aizhong Liu2013
Effectiveness of Nature Reserve System for Conserving Tropical Forests: A Statistical Evaluation of Hainan Island, China [期刊论文]Wang, W; Pechacek, P; Zhang, MX; Xiao, NW; Zhu, JG, et al.2013



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