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Restoration Ecology:The New Frontier [专著]Jelte van Andel(Editor); James Aronson(Editor)2012
Plant Signaling Peptides [专著]Helen R. Irving (Editor), Chris Gehring (Editor)2012
MicroRNAs in Plant Development and Stress Responses [专著]Ramanjulu Sunkar (Editor)2012
Secretions and Exudates in Biological Systems [专著]Jorge M. Vivanco (Editor), Frantisek Baluska (Editor)2012
Biocommunication of Plants [专著]Guenther Witzany (Editor), Frantisek Baluska (Editor)2012
Receptor-like Kinases in Plants: From Development to Defense [专著]Frans Tax (Editor), Birgit Kemmerling (Editor)2012
Dates: Production, Processing, Food, and Medicinal Values [专著]A. Manickavasagan, M. Mohamed Essa, E. Sukumar2012
Annual Plant Reviews Volume 44 The Plant Hormone Ethylene [专著]Michael T. McManus2012
DNA Barcodes : Methods and Protocols [专著]W. John Kress; David L. Erickson2012
Insect pests in tropical forestry 2nd edition [专著]F R Wylie; Martin R Speight2012

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