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Leaf Photosynthesis, Growth, and Seed Chemicals of Sacha Inchi Plants Cultivated Along an Altitude Gradient [期刊论文]Cai, ZQ*; Jiao, DY; Tang, SX; Dao, XS; Lei, YB, et al.2012
‘勐海大叶茶’种子萌发特性 [期刊论文]陈志欣; 郑丽; 兰芹英; 包云秀; 谭运洪2012
星油藤种子萌发的生态学特性研究 [期刊论文]焦冬英; 谭运红; 唐寿贤; 刀详生; 蔡志全2011
珍稀药用植物云南萝芙木种子休眠与萌发特性 [期刊论文]王福云; 蔡传涛; 文 彬2011
Wasp hawking induces endothermic heat production in guard bees [期刊论文]K. Tan; H. Li; M.X. Yang; H.R. Hepburn; S.E. Radloff*2010
Effects of light and low temperature on the reciprocal style curvature of Flexistylous Alpinia Species (Zingiberaceae) [期刊论文]Yin-Ling Luo; Qing-Jun Li*2010
温度和植物残体对紫色母岩发育的水稻土有机碳矿化的影响 [期刊论文]张薇; 高明; 王辉; 郑杰炳2009
种皮和环境温度对橡胶树种子萌发的影响 [期刊论文]闫兴富; 曹 敏2009
Tree ring density-based summer temperature reconstruction for the central Hengduan Mountains in southern China [期刊论文]Ze-Xin Fan; Achim Bräuning; Bao Yang; Kun-Fang Cao2009
One-year delayed effect of fog on malaria transmission: a time-series analysis in the rain forest area of Mengla County, south-west China [期刊论文]Tian, LW; Bi, Y; Ho, SC; Liu, WJ; Liang, S, et al.2008

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