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The reluctant visitor: an alkaloid in toxic nectar can reduce olfactory learning and memory in Asian honey bees [期刊论文]Zhang, Junjun; Wang, Zhengwei; Wen, Ping; Qu, Yufeng; Tan, Ken, et al.2018
Biodiversity gains? The debate on changes in local- vs global-scale species richness [期刊论文]Primack, Richard B.; Miller-Rushing, Abraham J.; Corlett, Richard T.; Devictor, Vincent; Johns, David M., et al.2018
A taxonomic, functional, and phylogenetic perspective on the community assembly of passerine birds along an elevational gradient in southwest China [期刊论文]He, Xuelian; Luo, Kang; Brown, Calum; Lin, Luxiang2018
Elevational clines in morphological traits of subtropical and tropical butterfly assemblages [期刊论文]Xing, Shuang; Cheng, Wenda; Nakamura, Akihiro; Tang, Chin Cheung; Pickett, Evan J., et al.2018
Tradeoff between physical and chemical defense in plant seeds is mediated by seed mass [期刊论文]Wang, Bo; Phillips, Joseph S.; Tomlinson, Kyle W.2018
The wildlife snaring crisis: an insidious and pervasive threat to biodiversity in Southeast Asia [期刊论文]Gray, Thomas N. E.; Hughes, Alice C.; Laurance, William F.; Long, Barney; Lynam, Anthony J., et al.2018
超量表达小桐子JcTPS1促进拟南芥开花并增加叶片花青素含量 [期刊论文]赵美丽; 倪军; 陈茂盛; 徐增富2018
异质生境对二型花柱植物雪地报春花性状分化的影响 [期刊论文]艾沙江·阿不都沙拉木2018
A new estimation of China's net ecosystem productivity based on eddy covariance measurements and a model tree ensemble approach [期刊论文]Yao, Yitong; Li, Zhijian; Wang, Tao; Chen, Anping; Wang, Xuhui, et al.2018
Why Functional Traits Do Not Predict Tree Demographic Rates [期刊论文]Yang, Jie; Cao, Min; Swenson, Nathan G.2018

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