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Cooperative wasp-killing by mixed-species colonies of honeybees, Apis cerana and Apis mellifera [期刊论文]Tan, K; Yang, MX; Wang, ZW; Li, H; Zhang, ZY, et al.2012
The pheromones of laying workers in two honeybee sister species: Apis cerana and Apis mellifera [期刊论文]Tan, K *; Yang, MX; Wang, ZW; Radloff, SE; Pirk, CWW2012
An ‘I see you’ prey–predator signal between the Asian honeybee, Apis cerana, and the hornet, Vespa velutina [期刊论文]Ken Tan; Zhenwei Wang; Hua Li; Shuang Yang; Zongwen Hu, et al.2012
Comb construction in mixed-species colonies of honeybees, Apis cerana and Apis mellifera [期刊论文]Yang, MX; Tan, K; Radloff, SE; Phiancharoen, M; Hepburn, HR2010
Nestmate Recognition Differences between Honeybee Colonies of Apis cerana and Apis mellifera [期刊论文]Tan, K; Wang, ZW; Yang, MX; Hepburn, R; Radloff, S2010
Wasp hawking induces endothermic heat production in guard bees [期刊论文]K. Tan; H. Li; M.X. Yang; H.R. Hepburn; S.E. Radloff*2010
Intra- and interspecific brood recognition in pure and mixed-species honeybee colonies, Apis cerana and A. mellifera [期刊论文]Ken Tan; Mingxian Yang; Sarah E. Radloff; Yushen Yu; Christian W.W. Pirk, et al.2009
Hornet predation risk: apperception and response by honey bees [期刊论文]Li, JJ *; Tan, K; He, S2008
Multivariate morphometric analysis of the Apis cerana of China [期刊论文]Ken Tan; H. Randall Hepburn; Sarah E. Radloff; Stefan Fuchs; Xian Fan, et al.2008
Dancing to different tunes: heterospecific deciphering of the honeybee waggle dance [期刊论文]K. Tan; M. X. Yang; S. E. Radloff, H. R. Hepburn; Z. Y. Zhang; L. J. Luo, et al.2008



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