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Phosphorous Application Improves Drought Tolerance of Phoebe zhennan [期刊论文]Tariq, Akash; Pan, Kaiwen; Olatunji, Olusanya A.; Graciano, Corina; Li, Zilong, et al.2017
Reducing the uncertainty of parameters controlling seasonal carbon and water fluxes in Chinese forests and its implication for simulated climate sensitivities [期刊论文]Li, Yue; Yang, Hui; Wang, Tao; MacBean, Natasha; Bacour, Cedric, et al.2017
Characterisation of a deep-water moss from the perennially ice-covered Lake Vanda, Antarctica [期刊论文]Rankin, Aime H.; Pressel, Silvia; Duckett, Jeffrey; Rimington, William R.; Hawes, Ian, et al.2017
Short-term effects of tillage and residue on spring maize yield through regulating root-shoot ratio in Northeast China [期刊论文]You, Debao; Tian, Ping; Sui, Pengxiang; Yang, Bin2017
Pinus roxburghii stand dynamics at a heavily impacted site in Nepal: Research through an educational fieldweek [期刊论文]Speer, James H.; Braeuning, Achim; Zhang, Qi-Bin; Pourtahmasi, Kambiz; Gaire, Narayan P., et al.2017
Premna bhamoensis (Lamiaceae, Premnoideae), a new species from Kachin State, northeastern Myanmar [期刊论文]Tan, Yunhong; Li, Derong; Chen, Yongjun; Li, Bo2017
Tree-to-tree variation in seed size and its consequences for seed dispersal versus predation by rodents [期刊论文]Wang, Bo; Ives, Anthony R.2017
Melatonin alleviates aluminium toxicity through modulating antioxidative enzymes and enhancing organic acid anion exudation in soybean [期刊论文]Zhang, Jiarong; Zeng, Bingjie; Mao, Yawen; Kong, Xiangying; Wang, Xinxun, et al.2017
Carbon Stock Evaluation of Selected Mangrove Forests in Peninsular Malaysia and its Potential Market Value [期刊论文]Hong, Liu Chai; Hemati, Zhila H.; Zakaria, Rozainah M.2017
The recent and rapid spread of Themeda triandra [期刊论文]Dunning, Luke T.; Liabot, Anne-Lise; Olofsson, Jill K.; Smith, Emma K.; Vorontsova, Maria S., et al.2017

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