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Chlorotheolides A and B, Spiroketals Generated via Diets-Alder Reactions in the Endophytic Fungus Pestalotiopsis theae [期刊论文]Liu, L; Han, Y; Xiao, JH; Li, L; Guo, LD, et al.2016
Spiroketals of Pestalotiopsis fici Provide Evidence for a Biosynthetic Hypothesis Involving Diversified Diels-Alder Reaction Cascades [期刊论文]Liu, L; Li, Y; Li, L; Cao, Y; Guo, LD, et al.2013
A Botryane Metabolite with a New Hexacyclic Skeleton from an Entomogenous Fungus Hypocrea sp. [期刊论文]Yuan, YF; Feng, Y; Ren, FX; Niu, SB; Liu, XZ, et al.2013
A Spiro[chroman-3,7 '-isochromene]-4,6 '(8 ' H)-dione from the Cordyceps-Colonizing Fungus Fimetariella sp. [期刊论文]Li, EW; Zhang, F; Niu, SB; Liu, XZ; Liu, G, et al.2012
Neonectrolide A, a New Oxaphenalenone Spiroketal from the Fungus Neonectria sp. [期刊论文]Ren, JW; Zhang, F; Liu, XY; Li, L; Liu, G, et al.2012
Polyketides from the Ascomycete Fungus Leptosphaeria sp. [期刊论文]Lin, J; Liu, SC; Sun, BD; Niu, SB; Li, EW, et al.2010
The First Naturally Occurring Thiepinols and Thienol from an Endolichenic Fungus Coniochaeta sp. [期刊论文]Wang, YC; Niu, SB; Liu, SC; Guo, LD; Che, YS2010
Diketopiperazines from the Cordyceps-Colonizing Fungus Epicoccum nigrum [期刊论文]Guo, HJ; Sun, BD; Gao, H; Chen, XL; Liu, SC, et al.2009
Pyrrolidinones from the Ascomycete Fungus Albonectria rigidiuscula [期刊论文]Li, J; Liu, SC; Niu, SB; Zhuang, WY; Che, YS2009
Allenyl and Alkynyl Phenyl Ethers from the Endolichenic Fungus Neurospora terricola [期刊论文]Zhang, F; Liu, SC; Lu, XH; Guo, LD; Zhang, H, et al.2009

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