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Orchid biodiversity in India: conservation and utilization [期刊论文]Medhi, RP; Chakraborti, M; Rampal2012
Cytokinin Signaling Networks [期刊论文]Ildoo Hwang; Jen Sheen; Bruno Müller2012
Dependence on sunbird pollination for fruit set in three West African montane mistletoe species [期刊论文]Weston, K.A.; et al2012
Evolutionary Inferences from Phylogenies: A Review of Methods [期刊论文]Brian C. O'Meara2012
Functional and Phylogenetic Approaches to Forecasting Species' Responses to Climate Change [期刊论文]Lauren B. Buckley; Joel G. Kingsolver2012
Molecular phylogeny of Ficus section Ficus in China based on four DNA regions [期刊论文]Hong-Qing LI; Shuang WANG; Ji-Yun CHEN; Ping GUI2012
How to measure and test phylogenetic signal [期刊论文]Tamara Münkemüller; et al2012
Antioxidant and Sensory Properties of Thai Herbal Teas with Emphasis on Thunbergia laurifolia Lindl. [期刊论文]Eric W.C. Chan; et al2012
Floral reward presentation favored the expression of male function in the pollen-only flower Melastoma malabathricum [期刊论文]Zhong-Lai LUO; Shi CHEN; Dian-Xiang ZHANG2012
Arthropod Diversity in a Tropical Forest [期刊论文]Yves Basset; et al2012

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