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DELLA proteins physically interact with CONSTANS to regulate flowering under long days in Arabidopsis [期刊论文]Xu, Feng; Li, Ting; Xu, Peng-Bo; Li, Ling; Du, Sha-Sha, et al.2016
Evaluation of Different Yeast Species for Improving In vitro Fermentation of Cereal Straws [期刊论文]Wang, Zuo; He, Zhixiong; Beauchemin, Karen A.; Tang, Shaoxun; Zhou, Chuanshe, et al.2016
Persistence of long-distance, insect-mediated pollen movement for a tropical canopy tree species in remnant forest patches in an urban landscape [期刊论文]Noreen, AME; Niissalo, MA; Lum, SKY; Webb, EL2016
Nesting success of the oriental magpie robin Copsychus saularis in nest boxes and tree cavities [期刊论文]Singh, A; Bhatt, D; Sethi, VK; Dadwal, N2016
Drug Affinity Responsive Target Stability (DARTS) Identifies Laurifolioside as a New Clathrin Heavy Chain Modulator [期刊论文]Dal Piaz, F; Saltos, MBV; Franceschelli, S; Forte, G; Marzocco, S, et al.2016
The Variation Characteristics and Blooming Phenophase of Monoecious Pistacia chinensis Bunge [期刊论文]Bai, Q; Su, S; Lin, Z; Leng, PS; Wang, WH2016
Non-specific symbiotic germination of Cynorkis purpurea (Thouars) Kraezl., a habitat-specific terrestrial orchid from the Central Highlands of Madagascar [期刊论文]Rafter, M; Yokoya, K; Schofield, EJ; Zettler, LW; Sarasan, V2016
Repression of the Antioxidant NRF2 Pathway in Premature Aging [期刊论文]Kubben, N; Zhang, WQ; Wang, LX; Voss, TC; Yang, JP, et al.2016
Counting on natural products for drug design [期刊论文]Rodrigues, T; Reker, D; Schneider, P; Schneider, G2016
Pharmacological Regulation of In Situ Tissue Stem Cells Differentiation for Soft Tissue Calcification Treatment [期刊论文]Hu, JJ; Yin, Z; Shen, WL; Xie, YB; Zhu, T, et al.2016

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