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Ultrasensitive Fluorescence Immunoassay for Detection of Bisphenol A in Milk Products Using Functionalized Gold Nanoparticles as Probe [期刊论文]Ji, Wei; Du, Lingyun; Zhang, Yuanfu; Liu, Guofu; Wang, Shuhao2015
A Human Interactome in Three Quantitative Dimensions Organized by Stoichiometries and Abundances [期刊论文]Hein, Marco Y.; Hubner, Nina C.; Poser, Ina; Cox, Juergen; Nagaraj, Nagarjuna, et al.2015
Functional traits as a new approach for interpreting testate amoeba palaeo-records in peatlands and assessing the causes and consequences of past changes in species composition [期刊论文]Fournier, Bertrand; Lara, Enrique; Jassey, Vincent E. J.; Mitchell, Edward A. D.2015
Cantharellus sikkimensis sp nov. (Cantharellales, Agaricomycetes) from the Indian Himalayas [期刊论文]Das, Kanad; Hofstetter, Valerie; Chakraborty, Dyutiparna; Baghela, Abhishek; Singh, S. K., et al.2015
Intraspecific Niche Variation Drives Abundance-Occupancy Relationships in Freshwater Fish Communities [期刊论文]Faulks, Leanne; Svanback, Richard; Ragnarsson-Stabo, Henrik; Eklov, Peter; Ostman, Orjan2015
Fine-root responses to fertilization reveal multiple nutrient limitation in a lowland tropical forest [期刊论文]Wurzburger, Nina; Wright, S. Joseph2015
Eriosema (Fabaceae) Species Represent a Rich Source of Flavonoids with Interesting Pharmacological Activities [期刊论文]Awouafack, Maurice Ducret; Tane, Pierre; Spiteller, Michael; Eloff, Jacobus Nicolaas2015
Microbial composition alters the response of litter decomposition to environmental change [期刊论文]Matulich, Kristin L.; Martiny, Jennifer B. H.2015
Trichloroisocyanuric Acid/Triphenylphosphine-Mediated Synthesis of Benzimidazoles, Benzoxazoles, and Benzothiazoles [期刊论文]Rezazadeh, Soodabeh; Akhlaghinia, Batool; Razavi, Nasrin2015
AN IN SITU METHOD TO MEASURE AND MAP BARK PH [期刊论文]Koehler, S.; Levia, D. F.; Jungkunst, H. F.; Gerold, G.2015

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