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Study of degumming process and evaluation of oxidative stability of methyl and ethyl biodiesel of Jatropha curcas L. oil from three different Brazilian states [期刊论文]Araujo, F. D. D.2014
Apocynin, a Low Molecular Oral Treatment for Neurodegenerative Disease [期刊论文]t Hart, B. A.2014
Floral display and effects of natural and artificial pollination on fruiting and seed yield of the tropical biofuel crop Jatropha curcas L [期刊论文]Negussie, A.2014
Review of combustion characteristics of CI engines fueled with biodiesel [期刊论文]Rajasekar, E.2014
Assessing idling effects on a compression ignition engine fueled with Jatropha and Palm biodiesel blends [期刊论文]Rahman, S. M. A.2014
Production and characterization of a solvent-tolerant protease from a novel marine isolate Bacillus tequilensis P15 [期刊论文]Bose, A.2014
The Jatropha FT ortholog is a systemic signal regulating growth and flowering time [期刊论文]Ye, J.2014
Transformation of aromatic dyes using green synthesized silver nanoparticles [期刊论文]Borase, H. P.2014
Catalytic upgrading of pyrolysis vapors from Jatropha wastes using alumina, zirconia and titania based catalysts [期刊论文]Kaewpengkrow, P.2014
Performance, emissions and combustion characteristics of Karanja biodiesel in a transportation engine [期刊论文]Dhar, A.2014

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