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Biodiesel production from crude Jatropha Curcas oil using calcium based mixed oxide catalysts [期刊论文]Teo, S. H.2014
Production of Jatropha biodiesel fuel over sulfonic acid-based solid acids [期刊论文]Chen, S. Y.2014
High level of molecular and phenotypic biodiversity in Jatropha curcas from Central America compared to Africa, Asia and South America [期刊论文]Osorio, L. R. M.2014
Engineering geminivirus resistance in Jatropha curcus [期刊论文]Ye, J.2014
Production of Sporotrichum thermophile xylanase by solid state fermentation utilizing deoiled Jatropha curcas seed cake and its application in xylooligosachharide synthesis [期刊论文]Sadaf, A.2014
A review on the oxidation stability of biodiesel [期刊论文]Yaakob, Z.2014
The Production of Biodiesel From A Bastard Poom Feedstock [期刊论文]Sinthorn, C.2014
Influence of blending soybean, sunflower, colza, corn, cottonseed, and residual cooking oil methyl biodiesels on the oxidation stability [期刊论文]Serqueira, D. S.2014
Recent scenario and technologies to utilize non-edible oils for biodiesel production [期刊论文]Khan, T. M. Y.2014
Biodiesel production via injection of superheated methanol technology at atmospheric pressure [期刊论文]Ang, G. T.2014

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