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De novo transcriptome analysis of an imminent biofuel crop, Camelina sativa L. using Illumina GAIIX sequencing platform and identification of SSR markers [期刊论文]Mudalkar, S.2014
Fuel properties of biodiesel from vegetable oils and oil mixtures. Influence of methyl esters distribution [期刊论文]Martinez, G.2014
Performance of a small-scale turbojet engine fed with traditional and alternative fuels [期刊论文]Badami, M.2014
Biodiversity and indigenous management of the endangered non-toxic germplasm of Jatropha curcas L. in the Totonacapan (Mexico), and the implications for its conservation [期刊论文]Vera-Castillo, Y. B.2014
Distilled technical cashew nut shell liquid (DT-CNSL) as an effective biofuel and additive to stabilize triglyceride biofuels in diesel [期刊论文]Sanjeeva, S. K.2014
Evaluation of PtPd-modified Zeolite Catalysts (ZSM-5, Beta, USY) for Pyrolysis of Jatropha Waste [期刊论文]Murata, K.2014
Comparative analysis of key socio-economic and environmental impacts of smallholder and plantation based jatropha biofuel production systems in Tanzania [期刊论文]van Eijck, J.2014
Impact of oxygenated additives to palm and jatropha biodiesel blends in the context of performance and emissions characteristics of a light-duty diesel engine [期刊论文]Imtenan, S.2014
Immobilized lipase of reconstructed oil bodies and its potential application in biodiesel production [期刊论文]Bai, F. W.2014
Carbon footprint of renewable diesel from palm oil, jatropha oil and rapeseed oil [期刊论文]Uusitalo, V.2014

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