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Production of Bioactive Diterpenoids in the Euphorbiaceae Depends on Evolutionarily Conserved Gene Clusters [期刊论文]King, A. J.2014
Comparative studies on performance evaluation of DI diesel engine with high grade low heat rejection combustion chamber with carbureted alcohols and crude jatropha oil [期刊论文]Krishna, Mvsm2014
Effect of cadmium on growth, photosynthesis, mineral nutrition and metal accumulation of an energy crop, king grass (Pennisetum americanum x P. purpureum) [期刊论文]Zhang, X. F.2014
Fundamental combustion characteristics of Jatropha oil as alternative fuel for gas turbines [期刊论文]Hashimoto, N.2014
Experimental investigation of the effect of antioxidant additives on NOx emissions of a diesel engine using biodiesel [期刊论文]Ileri, E.2014
Identification and Characterization of Novel Gypsy-Type Retrotransposons in a Biodiesel Crop, Jatropha curcas L [期刊论文]Alipour, A.2014
Development of interspecific and intergeneric hybrids among jatropha-related species and verification of the hybrids using EST-SSR markers [期刊论文]Laosatit, K.2014
Hydrocracking of soybean oil using zeolite-alumina composite supported NiMo catalysts [期刊论文]Ishihara, A.2014
Studies on co-processing of jatropha oil with diesel fraction in hydrodesulfurization [期刊论文]Satyarthi, J. K.2014
Impact of biodiesel blend on injector deposit formation [期刊论文]Liaquat, A. M.2014

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