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Big Data A Primer [专著]Mohanty, Hrushikesha; Bhuyan, Prachet; Chenthati, Deepak (Eds.)2015
Responses of Tropical Rainforests to Climatic Changes [专著]Bush, Mark, Flenley, John, Gosling, William (Eds.)2011
Managing the Future of Southeast Asia's Valuable Tropical Rainforests [专著]Wickneswari, Ratnam, Cannon, Chuck (Eds.)2011
Brassinosteroids: A Class of Plant Hormone [专著]Hayat, Shamsul; Ahmad, Aqil (Eds.)2011
Predator—Prey Interactions in the Fossil Record [专著]Kelley, Patricia; Kowalewski, Michal; Hansen, Thor A. (Eds.)2003
Spatial Modelling in Forest Ecology and Management- A Case Study [专著]Jansen, Martin, Judas, Michael, Saborowski, Joachim (Eds.)2002
Plant Polyphenols 2: Chemistry, Biology, Pharmacology, Ecology [1 ed.] [专著]Gross, Georg G.; Hemingway, Richard W.; Yoshida, Takashi (Eds.)1999
Methods in Chemical Ecology Volume 2 Bioassay Methods [专著]HAYNES, KENNETH; Millar, Jocelyn (Eds.)1998
Insect Learning: Ecology and Evolutinary Perspectives [专著]Papaj, Daniel R.; Lewis, Alcinda C. (Eds.)1993
Plant Polyphenols: Synthesis, Properties, Significance [专著]Hemingway, Richard W.; Laks, Peter E. (Eds.)1992

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