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Different pollinator assemblages ensure reproductive success of Cleisostoma linearilobatum (Orchidaceae) in fragmented holy hill forest and traditional tea garden [期刊论文]Zhou, Xiang; Liu, Qiang; Han, Jessie Yc; Gao, JiangYun2016
Effects of forests, roads and mistletoe on bird diversity in monoculture rubber plantations [期刊论文]Sreekar, Rachakonda; Huang, Guohualing; Yasuda, Mika; Quan, Rui-Chang; Goodale, Eben, et al.2016
Heterotrophic respiration does not acclimate to continuous warming in a subtropical forest [期刊论文]Wu, Chuansheng; Liang, Naishen; Sha, Liqing; Xu, Xingliang; Zhang, Yiping, et al.2016
A Whole Plant Herbaceous Angiosperm from the Middle Jurassic of China [期刊论文]Han Gang; Liu Zhongjian; Liu Xueling; Mao Limi; Jacques, Frederic M. B., et al.2016
Do unpaved, low-traffic roads affect bird communities? [期刊论文]Mammides, Christos; Kounnamas, Constantinos; Goodale, Eben; Kadis, Costas2016
Drought tolerance as a driver of tropical forest assembly: resolving spatial signatures for multiple processes [期刊论文]Bartlett, M. K.; Zhang, Y.; Yang, J.; Kreidler, N; Sun, S. -W., et al.2016
Shade tolerance and suitability of tree species for planting in rubber plantations [期刊论文]Tian, Yaohua; Yuan, Huifang; Xie, Jiang; Zheng, Yulong2016
Host compatibility interacts with seed dispersal to determine small-scale distribution of a mistletoe in Xishuangbanna, Southwest China [期刊论文]Luo, Yahuang; Sui, Yi; Gan, Jianmin; Zhang, Ling2016
Continuous existence of Zanthoxylum (Rutaceae) in Southwest China since the Miocene [期刊论文]Zhu, Hai; Huang, Yong-Jiang; Ji, Xue-Ping; Su, Tao; Zhou, Zhe-Kun2016
Artificial neural networks reveal a high-resolution climatic signal in leaf physiognomy [期刊论文]Li, Shu-Feng; Jacques, Frederic M. B.; Spicer, Robert A.; Su, Tao; Spicer, Teresa E. V., et al.2016

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