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Weak tradeoff between xylem safety and xylem-specific hydraulic efficiency across the world's woody plant species [期刊论文]Gleason, SM (Gleason, Sean M.)[ 1,2 ]; ...; Cao, KF (Cao, Kun-Fang); ...; Fan, ZX (Fan, Ze-Xin)[ 17 ], et al.2016
Direct Conversion of Sugars and Ethyl Levulinate into gamma-Valerolactone with Superparamagnetic Acid-Base Bifunctional ZrFeOx Nanocatalysts [期刊论文]Li, H (Li, Hu); Fang, Z (Fang, Zhen); Yang, S (Yang, Song)2016
Enantioselective Phytotoxicity of Imazamox Against Maize Seedlings [期刊论文]Wei, J (Wei, Jing); Zhang, XX (Zhang, Xiaoxiao); Li, XS (Li, Xuesheng); Zeng, DQ (Zeng, Dongqiang); Tan, HH (Tan, Huihua)2016
Functional characterization of the late embryogenesis abundant (LEA) protein gene family from Pinus tabuliformis (Pinaceae) in Escherichia coli [期刊论文]Gao Jie; Lan Ting2016
Below-ground interspecific competition for water in a rubber agroforestry system may enhance water utilization in plants [期刊论文]Wu, Junen; Liu, Wenjie; Chen, Chunfeng2016
Interspecific Functional Convergence and Divergence and Intraspecific Negative Density Dependence Underlie the Seed-to-Seedling Transition in Tropical Trees [期刊论文]Umana, MN (Umana, Maria Natalia)[ 1 ]; Forero-Montana, J (Forero-Montana, Jimena)[ 2 ]; Muscarella, R (Muscarella, Robert)[ 3 ]; Nytch, CJ (Nytch, Christopher J.)[ 2 ]; Thompson, J (Thompson, Jill)[ 4,5 ], et al.2016
Vertical stratification of moths across elevation and latitude [期刊论文]: Ashton, Louise A.; Nakamura, Akihiro; Basset, Yves; Cao, Min; et al2016
Phylogeny of Sparganium (Typhaceae) revisited: non-monophyletic nature of S. emersum sensu lato and resurrection of S. acaule [期刊论文]Ito, Yu; Tanaka, Norio; Kim, Changkyun; et al2016
Orchid conservation in the biodiversity hotspot of southwestern China [期刊论文]Liu, Q (Liu, Qiang); Chen, J (Chen, Jin); Corlett, RT (Corlett, Richard T.); Fan, XL (Fan, XuLi); Yu, DL (Yu, DongLI), et al.2016
Stable isotope variations in precipitation over Deqin on the southeastern margin of the Tibetan Plateau during different seasons related to various meteorological factors and moisture sources [期刊论文]Yu, Wusheng; Wei, Feili; Ma, Yaoming; Liu,Wenjie; et al2016

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