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Dry-hot stress significantly reduced the nitrogenase activity of epiphytic cyanolichen [期刊论文]Liu, Shuai; Liu, Wenyao; Shi, Xianmeng; Li, Su; Hu, Tao, et al.2018
Effects of three morphometric features of roots on soil water flow behavior in three sites in China [期刊论文]Jiang, Xiao Jin; Liu, Wenjie; Chen, Chunfeng; Liu, Jiaqing; Yuan, Zi-Qiang, et al.2018
Seasonal changes impact soil bacterial communities in a rubber plantation on Hainan Island, China [期刊论文]Lan, Guoyu; Li, Yuwu; Lesueurd, Didier; Wu, Zhixiang; Xie, Guishui2018
Constraining uncertainty in the timescale of angiosperm evolution and the veracity of a Cretaceous Terrestrial Revolution [期刊论文]Barba-Montoya, Jose; dos Reis, Mario; Schneider, Harald; Donoghue, Philip C. J.; Yang, Ziheng2018
Mobile carbon supply in trees and shrubs at the alpine treeline ecotone [期刊论文]Wang, Qing-Wei; Liu, Cheng-Gang; Zhou, Wangming; Qi, Lin; Zhou, Li, et al.2018
WRKY2/34-VQ20 Modules in Arabidopsis thaliana Negatively Regulate Expression of a Trio of Related MYB Transcription Factors During Pollen Development [期刊论文]Lei, Rihua; Ma, Zhenbing; Yu, Diqiu2018
Seed dormancy-life form profile for 358 species from the Xishuangbanna seasonal tropical rainforest, Yunnan Province, China compared to world database [期刊论文]Lan, Qinying; Yin, Shouhua; He, Huiyin; Tan, Yunhong; Liu, Qiang, et al.2018
Latitudinal effects on phenology near the northern limit of figs in China [期刊论文]Chen, Huanhuan; Zhang, Yuan; Peng, Yanqiong; Corlett, Richard T.2018
The timescale of early land plant evolution [期刊论文]Morris, Jennifer L.; Puttick, Mark N.; Clark, James W.; Edwards, Dianne; Kenrick, Paul, et al.2018
The Interrelationships of Land Plants and the Nature of the Ancestral Embryophyte [期刊论文]Puttick, Mark N.; Morris, Jennifer L.; Williams, Tom A.; Cox, Cymon J.; Edwards, Dianne, et al.2018

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