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Alcohothermal carbonization of biomass to prepare novel solid catalysts for oleic acid esterification [期刊论文]Yang, Ya-Ting; Yang, Xing-Xia; Wang, Yi-Tong; Luo, Jia; Zhang, Fan, et al.2018
Carbon pools in China's terrestrial ecosystems: New estimates based on an intensive field survey [期刊论文]Tang, Xuli; Zhao, Xia; Bai, Yongfei; Tang, Zhiyao; Wang, Wantong, et al.2018
Jasmonate Negatively Regulates Stomatal Development in Arabidopsis Cotyledons [期刊论文]Han, Xiao; Hu, Yanru; Zhang, Gensong; Jiang, Yanjuan; Chen, Xiaolan, et al.2018
Cellulase immobilized on mesoporous biochar synthesized by ionothermal carbonization of cellulose [期刊论文]Zhu, Chang-hui; Fang, Zhen; Su, Tong-chao; Li, Xing-kang; Liu, Qi-ying2018
Complete plastid genome sequences of three tropical Alseodaphne trees in the family Lauraceae [期刊论文]Song, Yu; Yao, Xin; Liu, Bing; Tan, Yunhong; Corlett, Richard T.2018
A new Annonaceae genus, Wuodendron, provides support for a post-boreotropical origin of the Asian-Neotropical disjunction in the tribe Miliuseae [期刊论文]Xue, Bine; Tan, Yun-Hong; Thomas, Daniel C.; Chaowasku, Tanawat; Hou, Xue-Liang, et al.2018
Direct conversion of biomass components to the biofuel methyl levulinate catalyzed by acid-base bifunctional zirconia-zeolites [期刊论文]Li, Hu; Fang, Zhen; Luo, Jia; Yang, Song2017
Rubber Trees Demonstrate a Clear Retranslocation Under Seasonal Drought and Cold Stresses [期刊论文]Li, Yuwu; Lan, Guoyu; Xia, Yujie2017
Fire dynamics under monsoonal climate in Yunnan, SW China: past, present and future [期刊论文]Li, Shufeng; Hughes, Alice C.; Su, Tao; ...; Zhou, Zhekun2017
The effect of litter layer on controlling surface runoff and erosion in rubber plantations on tropical mountain slopes, SW China [期刊论文]Liu, Wenjie; Luo, Qinpu; Lu, Hongjian; Wu, Junen; Duan, Wenping2017

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