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The dynamic association between ovariole loss and sterility in adult honeybee workers [期刊论文]Ronai, Isobel; Allsopp, Michael H.; Tan, Ken; et al2017
Habitat, climate and potential plant food resources for the late Miocene Shuitangba hominoid in Southwest China: Insights from carpological remains [期刊论文]Huang, Yong-Jiang; Ji, Xue-Ping; Su, Tao; ...; Zhou, Zhe-Kun2017
Resisting majesty: Apis cerana, has lower antennal sensitivity and decreased attraction to queen mandibular pheromone than Apis mellifera [期刊论文]Dong, Shihao; Wen, Ping; Zhang, Qi2017
Environmental filtering structures tree functional traits combination and lineages across space in tropical tree assemblages [期刊论文]Asefa, Mengesha; Cao, Min; Zhang, Guocheng; Ci, Xiuqin; Li, Jie, et al.2017
A scientific note on the association of black fungus beetles (Alphitobius laevigatus, Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae) with Eastern honey bee colonies (Apis cerana) [期刊论文]Maitip, Jakkrawut; Zhang, Xuan; Tan, Ken; et al2017
Tree-ring evidence for the historical cyclic defoliator outbreaks on Larix potaninii in the central Hengduan Mountains, SW China [期刊论文]Fan, Ze-Xin; Braeuning, Achim2017
The Cooling Trend of Canopy Temperature During the Maturation, Succession, and Recovery of Ecosystems [期刊论文]Lin, Hua; Fan, Zexin; Shi, Leilei; et al2017
High Concentrations of the Alarm Pheromone Component, Isopentyl Acetate, Reduces Foraging and Dancing in Apis mellifera Ligustica and Apis cerana Cerana [期刊论文]Gong, Zhiwen; Wang, Chao; Dong, Shihao; ...; Tan, Ken2017
Identification of cadmium-responsive microRNAs in Solanum torvum by high-throughput sequencing [期刊论文]Kang, X. P.; Gao, J. P.; Zhao, J. J.; ...; Xu, J.2017
Three new flavonoids from Millettia pachyloba [期刊论文]Na, Zhi; Fan, Qing-Fei; Song, Qi-Shi; Hu, Hu-Bin2017

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