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Sweet spot matching: A thin-layer chromatography-based countercurrent solvent system selection strategy [期刊论文]Liu, Yang; Friesen, J. Brent; Grzelak, Edyta M.; Fan, Qingfei; Tang, Ting, et al.2017
Separation of abietane-type diterpenoids from Clerodendrum kaichianum Hsu by high-speed counter-current chromatography using stepwise elution [期刊论文]Xu, Mingfeng; Zhu, Qin; Wang, Huizhong; Du, Qizhen; Xu, Maojun2016
Genomic evidence for polyphyletic origins and interlineage gene flow within complex taxa: a case study of Picea brachytyla in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau [期刊论文]Ru, Dafu; Mao, Kangshan; Zhang, Lei; Wang, Xiaojuan; Lu, Zhiqiang, et al.2016
beta-Ketoacyl-acyl Carrier Protein Synthase I (KASI) Plays Crucial Roles in the Plant Growth and Fatty Acids Synthesis in Tobacco [期刊论文]Yang, Tianquan; Xu, Ronghua; Chen, Jianghua; Liu, Aizhong2016
Pine Defensive Monoterpene alpha-Pinene Influences the Feeding Behavior of Dendroctonus valens and Its Gut Bacterial Community Structure [期刊论文]Xu, Letian; Shi, Zhanghong; Wang, Bo; Lu, Min; Sun, Jianghua2016
Jasmonate Regulates the INDUCER OF CBF EXPRESSION-C-REPEAT BINDING FACTOR/DRE BINDING FACTOR1 Cascade and Freezing Tolerance in Arabidopsis [期刊论文]Hu, Yanru; Jiang, Liqun; Wang, Fang; Yu, Diqiu2013
Prenylated Isoflavonoids: Botanical Distribution, Structures, Biological Activities and Biotechnological Studies. An Update (1995-2006) [期刊论文]Botta, Bruno; Menendez, Pilar; Zappia, Giovanni; de Lima, Roberto Alves; Torge, Roberta, et al.2009
Interaction of the BELL-like protein ATH1 with DNA: role of homeodomain residue 54 in specifying the different binding properties of BELL and KNOX proteins [期刊论文]Viola, IL; Gonzalez, DH2006
Composite system based on chitosan and room-temperature ionic liquid: Direct electrochemistry and electrocatalysis of hemoglobin [期刊论文]Lu, XB; Hu, JQ; Yao, X; Wang, ZP; Li, JH2006
Pollination regulation of flower development [期刊论文]ONeill, SD1997

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