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Trichoderma harzianum-based novel formulations: potential applications for management of Next-Gen agricultural challenges [期刊论文]Fraceto, Leonardo F.; Maruyama, Cintia R.; Guilger, Mariana; Mishra, Sandhya; Keswani, Chetan, et al.2018
One-step production of biodiesel from oils with high acid value by activated Mg-Al hydrotalcite nanoparticles [期刊论文]Wang, Yi-Tong; Fang, Zhen; Zhang, Fan; Xue, Bao-Jin2015
Molecular Biogeography of Tribe Thermopsideae (Leguminosae): A Madrean-Tethyan Disjunction Pattern with an African Origin of Core Genistoides [期刊论文]Zhang, Ming-Li; Huang, Jian-Feng; Sanderson, Stewart C.; Yan, Ping; Wu, Yu-Hu, et al.2015
Roles of Hsp70s in Stress Responses of Microorganisms, Plants, and Animals [期刊论文]Yu, Anmin; Li, Ping; Tang, Ting; Wang, Jiancai; Chen, Yuan, et al.2015
Biomass pyrolysis: a state-of-the-art review [期刊论文]Babu, B. V.2008



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