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Phosphorous fractions in soils of rubber-based agroforestry systems: Influence of season, management and stand age [期刊论文]Liu, Chenggang; Jin, Yanqiang; Liu, Changan; Tang, Jianwei; Wang, Qingwei, et al.2018
Carbon exchanges and their responses to temperature and precipitation in forest ecosystems in Yunnan, Southwest China [期刊论文]Fei, Xuehai; Song, Qinghai; Zhang, Yiping; Liu, Yuntong; Sha, Liqing, et al.2018
cGMP is involved in Zn tolerance through the modulation of auxin redistribution in root tips [期刊论文]Zhang, Ping; Sun, Liangliang; Qin, Jun; Wan, Jinpeng; Wang, Ruling, et al.2018
Dry-hot stress significantly reduced the nitrogenase activity of epiphytic cyanolichen [期刊论文]Liu, Shuai; Liu, Wenyao; Shi, Xianmeng; Li, Su; Hu, Tao, et al.2018
Why Functional Traits Do Not Predict Tree Demographic Rates [期刊论文]Yang, Jie; Cao, Min; Swenson, Nathan G.2018
Patterns and drivers of plant biodiversity in Chinese university campuses [期刊论文]Liu, Jiajia; Yu, Mingjian; Tomlinson, Kyle; Slik, J. W. Ferry2017
Bioclimatic transect networks: Powerful observatories of ecological change [期刊论文]Caddy-Retalic, Stefan; Andersen, Alan N.; Aspinwall, Michael J.; Breed, Martin F.; Byrne, Margaret, et al.2017
The role of functional uniqueness and spatial aggregation in explaining rarity in trees [期刊论文]Umana, Maria Natalia; Mi, Xiangcheng; Cao, Min; Enquist, Brian J.; Hao, Zhanqing, et al.2017
China's biodiversity conservation research in progress [期刊论文]Ma, Keping; Shen, Xiaoli; Grumbine, R. Edward; Corlett, Richard2017
Is China's unparalleled and understudied bee diversity at risk? [期刊论文]Teichroew, Jonathan L.; Xu, Jianchu; Ahrends, Antje; Huang, Zachary Y.; Tan, Ken, et al.2017

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