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Out of Africa: evidence of the obligate mutualism between long corolla tubed plant and long-tongued fly in the Himalayas [期刊论文]Babu Ram Paudel; Mani Shrestha; Adrian G. Dyer; Xing-Fu Zhu; Aysajan Abdusalam, et al.2015
A New Secondary Pollen Presentation Mechanism from a Wild Ginger (Zingiber densissimum) and Its Functional Roles in Pollination Process [期刊论文]Yong-Li Fan; W. John Kress; Qing-Jun Li2015
Increasing temperature causes flowering onset time changes of alpine ginger Roscoea in the Central Himalayas [期刊论文]Dharmalingam Mohandass; Jian-Li Zhao; Yong-Mei Xia; Mason J. Campbell; Qing-Jun Li2015
Inflorescence and flower development in the Hedychieae (Zingiberaceae): Hedychium coccineum Smith [期刊论文]Ji-Jun Kong *; Yong-Mei Xia; Qing-Jun Li2010
Potential Autonomous Selfing in Gesneria citrina (Gesneriaceae), a Specialized Hummingbird Pollinated Species with Variable Expression of Herkogamy [期刊论文]Xin-Sheng Chen*; Silvana Mart´en-Rodr´ıguez; Qing-Jun Li; Charles B. Fenster2009
Adaptive Significance of Flexistyly in Alpinia blepharocalyx (Zingiberaceae):A Hand-pollination Experiment [期刊论文]SHAN SUN; JIANG-YUN GAO; WAN-JIN LIAO; QING-JUN LI; DA-YONG ZHANG*2007
Wet and dry season ecosystem level fluxes of isoprene and monoterpenes from a southeast Asian secondary forest and rubber tree plantation [期刊论文]Brad Bakera; Jian-Hui Bai; Curtis Johnson; Zhong-Tao Cai; Qing-Jun Li, et al.2006
The molecular phylogeny of Alpinia (Zingiberaceae): A complex and polyphyletic genus of gingers [期刊论文]W. John Kress; Ai-Zhong Liu; Mark Newman; Qing-Jun Li2005



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