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Increasing temperature causes flowering onset time changes of alpine ginger Roscoea in the Central Himalayas [期刊论文]Dharmalingam Mohandass; Jian-Li Zhao; Yong-Mei Xia; Mason J. Campbell; Qing-Jun Li2015
Inflorescence and flower development in the Hedychieae (Zingiberaceae): Hedychium coccineum Smith [期刊论文]Ji-Jun Kong *; Yong-Mei Xia; Qing-Jun Li2010
Identification and Expression of Floral Organ Homeotic Genes from Alpinia oblongifolia (Zingiberaceae) [期刊论文]Yong-Mei Xia; Xue-Mei Gao; Qing-Jun Li*2009
Isolation of two putative homologues of PISTILLATA and AGAMOUS from Alpinia oblongifolia (Zingiberaceae) and characterization of their expression [期刊论文]Xue-Mei Gao; Yong-Mei Xia; Qing-Jun Li*2006
Allozymic, Morphological, and Phenological Diversity in Cultivated Luffa acutangula (Cucurbitaceae) from China, Laos, and Nepal, and Allozyme Divergence between L. acutangula and L. aegyptiaca [期刊论文]Kendrick L. Marr; Nirmal K. Bhattarai; Yong-Mei Xia2005
Pollination - Flexible style that encourages outcrossing [期刊论文]Qing-Jun Li*; Zai-Fu Xu; W. John Kress; Yong-Mei Xia; Ling Zhang, et al.2001



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