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Wet and dry season ecosystem level fluxes of isoprene and monoterpenes from a southeast Asian secondary forest and rubber tree plantation [期刊论文]Brad Bakera; Jian-Hui Bai; Curtis Johnson; Zhong-Tao Cai; Qing-Jun Li, et al.2006
Investigation of natural VOC emitted from tropical vegetations in China [期刊论文]WANG Zhi-hui; BAI Yu-hua; Liu Zhao-rong; WANG Xue-song; LI Qing-jun, et al.2005
Assessment of volatile organic compound emissions from ecosystems of China [期刊论文]Klinger, L. F.; Q.-J. Li; A. B. Guenther; J. P. Greenberg; B. Baker, et al.2002
The correlation between the volatile organic compound emissions and the vegetation succession of the ecosystems in different climatic zones of China [期刊论文]LI Qing-Jun*; Lee F. KLINGER2001



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