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Effects of indole-3-acetic acid and auxin transport inhibitors on the style curvature of three Alpinia species (Zingiberaceae) [期刊论文]Luo, YL; Bi, TJ; Li, D; Su, ZL; Tao, C, et al.2012
Autonomous Selfing Provides Reproductive Assurance in an Alpine Ginger Roscoea schneideriana (Zingiberaceae) [期刊论文]ZHI-QIANG ZHANG; QING-JUN LI*2008
Reproductive ecology of Rhynchanthus beesianus W. W Smith (Zingiberaceae) in South Yunnan, China: A ginger with bird pollination syndrome [期刊论文]Jiang-Yun Gao; Zi-Hui Yang; Pan-Yu Ren; Qing-Jun Li*2006
The molecular phylogeny of Alpinia (Zingiberaceae): A complex and polyphyletic genus of gingers [期刊论文]W. John Kress; Ai-Zhong Liu; Mark Newman; Qing-Jun Li2005
Advances in the study of breeding system and pollination biology of gingers (Zingiberaceae and Costaceae) [期刊论文]GAO Jiang-Yun; REN Pan-Yu; LI Qing-Jun*2005
Mating system and stigmatic behaviour during flowering of Alpinia kwangsiensis (Zingiberaceae) [期刊论文]Q.-J. Li*; W. J. Kress; Z.-F. Xu; Y.-M. Xia; L. Zhang, et al.2002



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