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Reference-Free Comparative Genomics of 174 Chloroplasts [期刊论文]Chai-Shian Kua; Jue Ruan; John Harting; Cheng-Xi Ye; Matthew R. Helmus, et al.2012
A proposal for expanding capacity for conservation science education in the tropical Asia-Pacific region [期刊论文]Charles H. Cannon*; Rhett Harrison; Lan Qie; J.W. Ferry Slik; Jin Chen2012
Rubber and pulp plantations represent a double threat to Hainan’s natural tropical forests [期刊论文]De-Li Zhai; Charles H. Cannon*; J.W. Ferry Slik; Cui-Ping Zhang; Zhi-Cong Dai2012
Impact of socio-economic status on the implementation of China’s collective forest tenure reform in Zhang Guying Township, Hunan: potential for increasing disparity [期刊论文]Liu Song; Charles H. Cannon*2011
Long-term reproductive behaviour of woody plants across seven Bornean forest types in the Gunung Palung National Park (Indonesia): suprannual synchrony, temporal productivity and fruiting diversity [期刊论文]Charles H. Cannon*; Lisa M. Curran; Andrew J. Marshall; Mark Leighton2007



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