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Phylogeny and a revised classification of the Chinese species of Nyssa (Nyssaceae) based on morphological and molecular data [期刊论文]Wang, N; Milne, RI; Jacques, FMB; Sun, BL; Zhang, CQ, et al.2012
Menispermaceae and the diversification of tropical rainforests near the Cretaceous-Paleogene boundary [期刊论文]Wang, W; Ortiz, RD; Jacques, FMB; Xiang, XG; Li, HL, et al.2012
Integrating fossils in a molecular-based phylogeny and testing them as calibration points for divergence time estimates in Menispermaceae [期刊论文]Jacques, FMB; Wang, W; Ortiz, RD; Li, HL; Zhou, ZK, et al.2011
Geometric morphometrics: A powerful tool for the study of shape evolution in Menispermaceae endocarps [期刊论文]Jacques, Frédéric M.B.; Zhou, Zhekun2010



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