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Shifting sources of soil labile organic carbon after termination of plant carbon inputs in a subtropical moist forest of southwest China [期刊论文]Feng,WT; Schaefer, DA; Zou, XM; Zhang, M2011
Nitrogen fixation of epiphytic plants enwrapping trees in Ailao Mountain cloud forests, Yunnan, China [期刊论文]Han, B; Zou, XM; Kong, JJ; Sha, LQ; Gong, HD, et al.2010
Soil mono- and disaccharides and amino acids as influenced by plant litter and root processes in a subtropical moist forest of southwest China [期刊论文]Feng, WT; Schaefer, D; Li, JZ; Chen, JH; Feng, ZL, et al.2009
Plant carbon inputs and environmental factors strongly affect soil respiration in a subtropical forest of southwestern China [期刊论文]Schaefer, DA; Feng, WT; Zou, XM2009
Above- and belowground carbon inputs affect seasonal variations of soil microbial biomass in a subtropical monsoon forest of southwest China [期刊论文]Feng, WT; Zou, XM; Schaefer, D2009
Vegetation cover of forest, shrub and pasture strongly influences soil bacterial community structure as revealed by 16S rRNA gene T-RFLP analysis [期刊论文]Chan, OC; Casper, P; Sha, LQ; Feng, ZL; Fu, Y, et al.2008
Global decomposition experiment shows soil animal impacts on decomposition are climate-dependent [期刊论文]Wall, DH; Bradford, MA; .......; Zou, XM2008
Comparisons of earthworm community structure between an active pasture and an adjacent tropical wet forest in Puerto Rico [期刊论文]Zou, XM; Arandes-Perez, B; Capo-Ramos, D; Gutierrez-Santiago, J; Rosario-Santiago, M2006
Effects of nutrient additions on ecosystem carbon cycle in a Puerto Rican tropical wet forest [期刊论文]Li, YQ; Xu, M; Zou, XM2006
Heterotrophic soil respiration in relation to environmental factors and microbial biomass in two wet tropical forests [期刊论文]Li, YQ; Xu, M; Zou, XM2006

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