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Hollows in living trees develop slowly but considerably influence the estimate of forest biomass [期刊论文]Zheng, Zheng; Zhang, Shubin; Baskin, Carol; Baskin, Jerry; Schaefer, Doug, et al.2016
Functional redundancy dampens the trophic cascade effect of a web-building spider in a tropical forest floor [期刊论文]Liu, Shengjie; Behm, Jocelyn E.; Chen, Jin; ......; Yang, Xiaodong2016
Higher fungal diversity is correlated with lower CO2 emissions from dead wood in a natural forest [期刊论文]Yang, Chunyan; Schaefer, Douglas A.; Liu, Weijie; et al2016
西双版纳热带森林空心树形成概率及其影响因素 [期刊论文]刘俊雁; 郑征; 牛燕芬; 董廷发2016
Cascading effects of spiders on a forest-floor food web in the face of environmental change [期刊论文]Liu, Shengjie; Chen, Jin; Gan, Wenjin; ...; Yang, Xiaodong2016
Movement patterns of selected insect groups between natural forest, open land and rubber plantation in a tropical landscape (southern Yunnan, SW China) [期刊论文]Meng, Ling-Zeng; Yang, Xiao-Dong; Martin, Konrad; Gan, Jian-Min; Liu, Yan-Hong, et al.2016
哀牢山常绿阔叶林不同演替阶段土壤线虫群落的季节变化特征 [期刊论文]李志鹏; 韦祖粉; 杨效东2016
节肢动物体内汞、硒分布及食物链传递特征 [期刊论文]Abeysinghe Kasun; 敖明; Goodale Eben; 杨效东; 徐晓航, 等.2016



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