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Identification and Characterization of Multiple Intermediate Alleles of the Key Genes Regulating Brassinosteroid Biosynthesis Pathways [期刊论文]Du, Junbo; Zhao, Baolin; Sun, Xin; et al2017
The database of the PREDICTS (Projecting Responses of Ecological Diversity In Changing Terrestrial Systems) project [期刊论文]Hudson, Lawrence N.; Newbold, Tim; Contu, Sara; et al2017
Two strategies by epiphytic orchids for maintaining water balance: thick cuticles in leaves and water storage in pseudobulbs [期刊论文]Yang, Shi-Jian; Sun, Mei; Yang, Qiu-Yun; et al2017
Quantifying forest net primary production: combining eddy flux, inventory and metabolic theory [期刊论文]Tan, Zheng-Hong; Hughes, Alice; Sato, Tamotsu; et al2017
Higher predation risk for insect prey at low latitudes and elevations [期刊论文]Roslin, Tomas; Hardwick, Bess; Novotny, Vojtech; et al2017
Two Ultraviolet Radiation Datasets that Cover China [期刊论文]Liu, Hui; Hu, Bo; Wang, Yuesi; et al2017
Phylogeny of Sparganium (Typhaceae) revisited: non-monophyletic nature of S. emersum sensu lato and resurrection of S. acaule [期刊论文]Ito, Yu; Tanaka, Norio; Kim, Changkyun; et al2016
Impacts of hunting on tropical forests in Southeast Asia [期刊论文]Rhett D. Harrison; Rachakonda Sreekar; et al2016
Field work ethics in biological research [期刊论文]Mark J. Costello, Karen H. Beard, Richard T. Corlett; et al2016
Soil respiration under three different land use types in a tropical mountain region of China [期刊论文]Wu Jun-jie; Goldberg, Stefanie Daniela; et al2016

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