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The effects of road networks and habitat heterogeneity on the species richness of birds in Natura 2000 sites in Cyprus [期刊论文]Mammides, C; Kadis, C; Coulson, T2015
Yet Another Empty Forest: Considering the Conservation Value of a Recently Established Tropical Nature Reserve [期刊论文]Sreekar, R; Zhang, K; Xu, JC; Harrison, RD2015
Phylogeny and biogeography of wild roses with specific attention to polyploids [期刊论文]Fougere-Danezan, M; Joly, S; Bruneau, A; Gao, XF; Zhang, LB2015
Fungus-insect gall of Phlebopus portentosus [期刊论文]Zhang, CX; He, MX; Cao, Y; Liu, J; Gao, F, et al.2015
Status of soil nematode communities during natural regeneration of a subtropical forest in southwestern China [期刊论文]Li, YJ; Yang, GP; Neher, DA; Xu, CY; Wu, JH2015
Influence of spatial and environmental variables on rattan palm (Arecaceae) assemblage composition in Central Sulawesi, Indonesia [期刊论文]Thonhofer, J; Getto, D; van Straaten, O; Cicuzza, D; Kessler, M2015
The use of species-area relationships to partition the effects of hunting and deforestation on bird extirpations in a fragmented landscape [期刊论文]Sreekar, R; Huang, GHL; Zhao, JB; Pasion, BO; Yasuda, M, et al.2015
Functional Characterization of MpaG ', the O-Methyltransferase Involved in the Biosynthesis of Mycophenolic Acid [期刊论文]Zhang, W; Cao, SN; Qiu, L; Qi, FX; Li, Z, et al.2015
Diversity in tropical ecosystems: the species richness and turnover of moths in Malaysian rainforests [期刊论文]Ashton, LA; Barlow, HS; Nakamura, A; Kitching, RL2015
Integrated genome sequence and linkage map of physic nut (Jatropha curcas L.), a biodiesel plant [期刊论文]Wu, PZ; Zhou, CP; Cheng, SF; Wu, ZY; Lu, WJ, et al.2015

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